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Adler: kevlar > all
UKEGKEVLAR: im uberengy
UKEGVEXX: you can recruit him if you want
UKEGVEXX: he is a skilled map changer
PADPADPADBubbu: how much we need to pay u so kev plays for u?

beAsty: idiot camepr noob

coOles: n1 camping

epic|MouT: we are bosnian clan
epic|MouT: team bosnia
epic|MouT: i am zlatko
epic|MouT: brother of zilnov

iMp: funny is
iMp: that your bullets are faster

_Insecure: please stop camping...
_Insecure: k its all yours
_Insecure: hate these fucking campers like you
nick: ([CB]Insecure) is now known as (hunk)
mode: (hunk) sets mode (+b *!*helmianin@*.timeteam.pl)
This (*!*helmianin@*.timeteam.pl) ban affects: (aaf`chelm`quell)
kick: (aaf`chelm`quell) was kicked by (hunk) (cu)

kaZer: not playing anymore
kaZer: leave the ladder
kaZer: all cheater
kaZer: u always know where i am
kaZer: without pb
kaZer: gg

peXg.klejf: jak na takie turbo nonamy to gracie calkiem niezle

kurdt: camper nab

FaKy: our penis is bigger than yours

ucp`pius: dlaczego nie podalem ci nazwy klanu a ty wiedziales ?
ucp`pius: ale glupi jestem tag na ircu :D

sandi: lol @ ur rate and maxpkts
sandi: bg
sandi: btw i want ur demos

sILENT: lame no brain o0

sly: he is from switzerland
chelm: 28.8kbps?
sly: his brain rate yes

VgS^KeNNy EF: nice bot

Worm: stop preshooting
Worm: nice laming
Worm: su
Worm: play some cs or so
Worm: tard
Worm: demos btw
Worm: retarded piece of shit
Worm: retard
Worm: polish shithead
Worm: jewish mongo


- Overwatch

The past

- 1899
- Allo Allo
- Altered Carbon (S1)
- American Dad (S1-S2)
- Arrested Development
- Atypical (S1-S4)
- Band of Brothers
- Better Call Saul (S1-S5)
- Better Off Ted
- Black Mirror (S1-S4)
- Boardwalk Empire
- Breaking Bad
- Chernobyl
- Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
- Dark (S1)
- Desperate Housewives (S1)
- Dexter
- Family Guy (S1-S15)
- Formula 1: Drive to Survive (S1-S2)
- Frasier
- Friends
- Game of Thrones
- Godfather of Harlem (S1)
- Gomorra
- Hannibal
- Heroes
- Hollywood (S1)
- Homeland
- House M.D.
- How I Met Your Mother
- Inventing Anna
- Locke & Key (S1)
- Married with Children
- Mindhunter
- Misfits
- Modern Family
- My Family (S1-S5)
- My Name Is Earl (S1-S2)
- Narcos (S1)
- Never Have I Ever (S1-S3)
- Rome
- Scrubs
- See (S1)
- Severance (S1)
- Sex Education (S1-S3)
- Silicon Valley
- South Park (S1-S21)
- Stay Close
- Stranger Things (S1-S4)
- Suburra: Blood on Rome
- Succession (S1-S3)
- Suits
- Supernatural
- Ted Lasso (S1-S2)
- That '70s Show
- The Alienist
- The Big Bang Theory
- The Great (S1)
- The IT Crowd
- The Kominsky Method (S1-S2)
- The Last Czars
- The Leftovers
- The Pacific
- The Queen's Gambit
- The Sopranos
- The Wire
- The Witcher (S1-S2)
- The X-Files
- To the Lake (S1)
- Toy Boy (S1)
- True Detective (S1)
- Two and a Half Men
- Vice Principals
- Vinyl
- Warrior Nun (S1)
- Wednesday (S1)
- Westworld (S1-S2)
- ZeroZeroZero

overall: 112
wins: 75 (67%)
loses: 28 (25%)
draws: 9 (8%)

Poland Aksil 2:0 (multi_huntplace)
France ArieS 1:3 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
France ArieS 0:4 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
Europe auNt 2:2 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Germany aSen 4:0 (tournementdm2/multi_huntplace)
Poland bandiT 6:0 (multi_huntplace/multi_huntplace/multi_huntplace)
Austria beAsty 0:2 (te_valhalla)
Poland blacksheep 0:2 (multi_huntplace)
Poland Blasko 2:0 (multi_huntplace)
Portugal born2puke 0:4 (multi_huntplace/mp_sillyctf)
Estonia CLAIMAXz 4:0 (tournementdm2/ctf_multi)
Germany coOles 1:3 (tournementdm2/mp_sillyctf)
Germany coOles 2:4 (te_nihil/te_valhalla/mp_sillyctf)
Poland Dartys 2:2 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Estonia DjFreeZe 1:3 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Poland dudqU 4:0 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
Poland dudqU 4:0 (multi_huntplace/multi_huntplace)
Poland dudqU 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Poland Edik 4:0 (ctf_multi/multi_huntplace)
Poland eiven 0:2 (te_valhalla)
Poland eiven 0:2 (te_valhalla)
Poland eiven 0:2 (te_valhalla)
Poland essence 3:1 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Poland exec 0:4 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Poland Feanor 0:2 (multi_huntplace)
Turkey fireBall 0:2 (mp_sillyctf)
Poland Focus 4:0 (te_valhalla/te_valhalla)
Poland Freak 4:0 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Croatia frozz 2:0 (1v1dm)
Poland geralt 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Poland Grymek 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Poland grzesiek 4:0 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Germany H0uD1ni 4:0 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Poland humanzord 3:1 (multi_huntplace/ctf_multi)
Poland ij1 0:2 (multi_huntplace)
Poland ij1 2:4 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace/te_nihil)
Poland ij1 2:2 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Poland ij1 1:3 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
Belgium immortal 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Poland Insekt 3:1 (tournementdm2/tournementdm2)
Netherlands Insecure 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Austria Jafar 4:0 (tournementdm2/tournementdm2)
Morroco jakatas 4:0 (ctf_multi/te_valhalla)
Belgium Jere 4:2 (multi_huntplace/tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Germany Kallomena 2:2 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Turkey kaZer 4:0 (ctf_multi/1v1dm)
Greece K3rv3r0s 1:0 (forfeit win + K3rv3r0s banned for a year)
Poland khaard 2:0 (tournementdm2)
Poland killer 6:0 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2/te_nihil)
Poland killer 4:4 (te_valhalla/te_valhalla/multi_huntplace/tournementdm2)
Poland killer 4:0 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Poland kRejzOl 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Poland kreska 4:2 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Germany Kurdt 4:0 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Germany Kurdt 4:0 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Germany Kurdt 3:5 (multi_huntplace/tournementdm2/te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Poland lock3d 0:2 (te_valhalla)
Austria luck-rko 4:0 (te_valhalla/te_valhalla)
Poland MacGyver 2:2 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Poland Machines 2:0 (multi_huntplace)
Poland Madmartigan 4:0 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Poland MaK 4:0 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Poland makar 2:2 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Poland makar 4:0 (multi_huntplace/multi_huntplace)
Poland makar 3:1 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Poland MarcelxD 4:2 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
Poland Marek 0:4 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2, banned later because of my bust)
Germany martini 4:0 (1v1dm/te_valhalla)
France maxtor 4:0 (te_valhalla/1v1dm)
Poland michat 4:0 (te_valhalla/te_valhalla)
France MIuRA 4:0 (te_valhalla)
Germany mUnduS 4:0 (mp_sillyctf/multi_huntplace)
France Nirv 4:6 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2/multi_huntplace/te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
Finland NuMBe 4:2 (tournementdm2/mp_sillyctf/te_valhalla)
Germany nYx 0:4 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Germany oGr 4:0 (tournementdm2/tournementdm2)
Estonia oiver 4:0 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Poland Ostry 2:0 (multi_huntplace)
Hungary phoebus 0:2 (ctf_multi)
France piFpOuF 0:4 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Germany planlos 3:3 (tournementdm2/ctf_well/multi_huntplace)
Estonia popz 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Poland pr0lame 0:4 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Poland R4ng3r 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Netherlands riCHII 2:0 (tournementdm2)
Poland RoSeS 4:0 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Finland sandi 4:0 (te_nihil/te_valhalla)
Sweden Savage 2:4 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2/multi_huntplace)
Hungary sereya 4:2 (ctf_multi/tournementdm2/multi_huntplace)
Germany/Poland sILENT 4:2 (tournementdm2/mp_sillyctf/multi_huntplace)
Germany SP33D/SiLv3r 4:0 (tournementdm2/multi_huntplace)
Turkey Sqouly 6:0 (multi_huntplace/mp_sillyctf/te_valhalla)
Finland St4r 4:0 (te_valhalla/multi_huntplace)
Turkey Taunus 4:2 (tournementdm2/mp_sillyctf/multi_huntplace)
Poland Th3m0rF3uS 2:2 (mp_sillyctf/multi_huntplace)
Austria Transistor 5:3 (mp_sillyctf/tournementdm2/ctf_well/multi_huntplace)
Spain trazapster 4:0 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
Italy Vegt4 3:1 (tournementdm2/mp_sillyctf)
Germany viLLe 4:2 (tournementdm2/mp_sillyctf/multi_huntplace)
Italy vjt 2:0 (tournementdm2)
Poland voiler 1:3 (ctf_well/multi_huntplace)
Switzerland VyRoN 4:2 (ctf_multi/tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Poland wildcat 3:1 (tournementdm2/te_valhalla)
Poland wildcat 4:0 (mp_sillyctf/te_valhalla)
Belgium Worm 4:0 (te_valhalla/tournementdm2)
Poland wr0n 2:0 (te_valhalla)
Italy XyLoS 0:4 (tournementdm2/ctf_multi)
Poland Yaro 4:0 (multi_huntplace/te_valhalla)
Norway yashi 2:0 (te_valhalla)
France ZBorG 4:0 (te_nihil/te_valhalla)
France ziqvpix 4:0 (tournementdm2/multi_huntplace)

overall: 13
wins: 7 (54%)
loses: 6 (46%)

Hungary DragoN 2:4 (DM-Fearless/DM-RisingSun/DM-Liandri)
Hungary DragoN 0:6 (DM-Fearless/DM-RisingSun/DM-Deck-FPS)
Belgium eXoD!a 27:60 (DM-Fearless/DM-Deck)
Germany Galaxy 32:60 (DM-Deck/DM-BioHazard)
Netherlands Hoef 6:2 (DM-Sentinel/DM-Fearless/DM-Deck-FPS/DM-RisingSun)
United Kingdom Plutonia_Ex 47:60 (DM-Fearless/DM-Sentinel)
Germany red_16 52:34 (DM-Fearless/DM-BioHazard)
Germany SKa 4:2 (DM-Deck-FPS/DM-Idoma-FE)
Poland The3lk 40:24 (DM-Deck/DM-Fearless)
Poland The3lk 37:40 (DM-Deck/DM-Fearless)
Netherlands TheDevilOnLine 4:0 (DM-Fearless/DM-Deck-FPS)
Finland Trian 60:38 (DM-Fearless/DM-Deck)
Croatia Wasteful 56:52 (DM-Fearless/DM-Deck)

Europe July - September 2007
Belgium .X.!
Netherlands aeq
Portugal ag0n
Poland chelmianin
Poland Hptm
Poland ij1
Finland J
Poland killer
Netherlands Kitty
Finland s
Netherlands twinzz
Netherlands vis
Poland _plAin
irc channel: #ducks.org

Poland February - July 2008
Poland Ambi
Poland chelm
Poland gelu
Poland h3fty
Poland MaK
Poland nevis
Poland pitbuL
Poland quaCkeh
Poland Saints
Poland trakos
Poland tuCzi
irc channel: #mp-et

Poland May - July 2006
Poland chelmianin
Poland Dark
Poland killer
Poland Kurek
Poland lumP
Poland Misi3k
Poland pr0fesor
Poland Yaro
irc channel: #absence.clan

Poland April 2007
Poland chelmianin
Poland freak
Poland ij1
Poland killer
Poland miZie
Poland RAD
Poland wojo
irc channel: #aaf-team

Poland September - December 2004
December 2005 - January 2006
Poland bandiT
Poland chelmianin
Poland Driffter
Poland dudqU
Poland JHXP
Poland Klakier
Poland Lg*
Poland Misi3k
Poland Revolta
Poland Sprega
Poland torQ
irc channel: #detox.et

Poland September - December 2009
Poland chelm
Poland deathname
Poland Graver
Poland lkS1
Poland Voitech
irc channel: #kissmygun

Poland May - September 2007
Poland cfaniak
Poland chelmianin
Poland dionek
Poland geralt
Poland ij1
Poland killer
Poland Svepe
Poland wildcat
Poland Yaro
irc channel: #s&d.clan

Poland November - December 2004
May - September 2006
Poland bandiT
Poland bfgk
Poland chelmianin
Poland Driffter
Poland end
Poland JHXP
Poland Klakier
Poland lkts
Poland MaK
Poland Misi3k
Poland pitbul
Poland pr0fesor
Poland SEM
Poland Sprega
Poland SzYbki
Poland Yaro
irc channel: #chelm.et

Poland November 2005 - February 2006
Poland bush
Poland chelmianin
Poland Dan!el666
Poland Falcon
Poland killer
Poland MaK
Poland Misi3k
Poland pr0fesor
Poland pr0lame
Poland vader
Poland veXo
Poland Yaro
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Poland March 2005 - May 2007
April 2008 - June 2008
Israel aciliz
Poland Adler
Poland Aksil
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Poland be1u
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Poland Gimza
Poland god1i
Finland Good
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Poland Musashi
Poland Skorpion
Poland SoNiX
Poland Soofka
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Poland Wolak
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Poland chelm
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Poland Mah
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Poland RauL
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Poland Poland Aima
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Poland mArszal

Poland Poland Aksil
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Poland Madlib
Poland so0fka

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Finland Ethic
Finland loopaddict
Finland Nirv
Finland nsd
Finland Pasha
Finland spectrum
Finland tapsa
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Poland zMk
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irc channel: #paradise-qw

Poland Poland chelmianin
Poland killer
Poland MaK
Poland Misi3k
Poland Yaro
irc channel: #s&d.clan

Europe CB ET NationsCup X
Europe CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2006
Europe CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2007
Europe CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2006
Europe CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2007
Europe CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2007
Europe CB ET: Quake Wars OpenCup Fall 2007
Poland ETCUP IV Edition by Cooling.pl
Poland Lublin Game Party 2008

Poland eliteplayers.pl
Poland owned.pl


Favourite fragmovies
- TWK unmasks
- mAx Chapter 3
- Decimated
- Kris ET Movie
- Kamz - Most Hated
- Finnish it! (UT 2k4)
- Incorporated 2 (CSS)

image: 10889362940
v5.12, 24.02.2023


1on1 Cup hosted by CB with Poland TimeTeam
GET Liga ET 1on1 Ladder
Enjoy 1on1 Cup 2007
CB 5on5 Ladder with Poland S&D
PifPaf League 1on1 Season 5
PifPaf League 1on1 Season 6
ESL 3on3 Summer07 Divison 1 with Poland S&D
CB 1on1 Ladder
4th Polish CB 3on3 Ladder with Poland THC
5th ESL 1on1 Winter Instant Cup
5th UberCup 8
5th UberCup 9
5th CB SummerCup 2007 3rd League with Poland S&D
5th #ETCup #2 with Poland TimeTeam
5th ET Cups 1on1 ESL cup #2
6th ESL 1on1 Ladder
7th ESL 6on6 Summer07 Divison 1 with Poland S&D
8th Euro CB 3on3 Ladder with Europe #ducks.org
9th 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2006 5th League with Poland TimeTeam
9th UberCup 1
9th UberCup 2
9th PL EMS Qualifier with Poland 34ry

5-8th Lublin Game Party 2008 (offline) with Poland 34ry

11th CB Rich And Famous (NC IX)
6th CB Rich And Famous (EC XIV)
CB Rich And Famous (EC XVII)
CB EC Experts League (EC XX)

hadn't lost any match in both unfinished Cities Cups with Poland Team Chelm

PES 2008
PES 08 1v1 OpenCup Fall 2008 1st League
PES 08 1v1 OpenCup Spring 2008 3rd League
5th Polish ESL 1on1 Ladder
5th CB Fun Cup 1on1
6th CB PES 2008 1on1 Ladder
9th ESL 1on1 Opening Cup
9th Team Poland Qualifier
9th EMS II Polish Qualifier

ESL Warsow 1on1 Instagib Ladder
WarSow iDuel Summer Cup 2009 2nd League
WarSow iDuel OpenCup Fall 2009 2nd League
5th WarSow iTDM 2v2 OC Spring 2008 with Poland S&D.wSw
5th WarSow iDuel OpenCup Spring 2010 1st League

Wolfenstein Stopwatch 1on1 Ladder
Wolfenstein Deathmatch 1on1 Ladder
Wolfenstein 3on3 Ladder with Poland KMG
Wolfenstein OC Fall 2009 3rd League with Poland KMG

won megahealth fight versus Russia Cooller on dm6
UT3 iDM 1v1 OC Spring 2008 4th League
ETQW Infantry 4on4 Europe with Poland S&D.QW
UT inet cafe DM cup on DM-Deck16][ (offline, 2.08.2001)
CB QL Duel Spring 2010 8th League
4th ESL TF2 2on2 Sniper Ladder
4th Quake 3 NG IG 1on1 OC Fall 2010 2nd League
9th CB CoD4 Deathmatch 1on1 Ladder
9th ESL ETQW 4on4 Infantry OC with Poland TimeTeam
9th Quake Live insta 1v1 Summer 2013

CB Rich And Famous (ETQW OC Fall 2007)
played the 1st official ETQW ladder match in CB

34th Crossfire World Cup 2010 Predictions
85th Contributors/Forum topics: chelmianin Total: 9 Daily: 0.05
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 2600
MotherboardMSI B450 Gaming Plus
MemoryPatriot Viper 4 DDR4 2x8GB 3200 MHz
StorageKioxia Exceria 1TB + Crucial M550 128GB + Toshiba DT01ACA100
GraphicsMSI Aero ITX GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
SoundRealtek ALC892
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64-bit
Monitoriiyama X2483HSU
KeyboardLogitech G213
MouseLogitech G502
MousepadRazer Invicta Mercury Edition
HeadsetSennheiser PXC 550 + Sennheiser HD559 + AKG K915
ConnectionCable 750Mbps