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First of all I am from the tiny laggy island of Malta [yes the high ping'd country :D]

Clan: @MEPA [Site : www.mepa-clan.info ]
Channel: #MEPA @ Quakenet
Clan Rank: Clan Leader

Current Jobs
Team Malta Captain for Nations Cup 2005-6
Head Admin in Warleagues.com Season 2005-6
Group Admin of Premier and Alpha groups in Warleagues.com
GamesTV.org ETTV Broadcaster

Server admin of:
server.mepa-clan.info - public
server.mepa-clan.info:27970 - private
server.mepa-clan.info:27980 - Reserved for @MEPA
server2.mepa-clan.info:27965 - @MEPA FR Server - sponsored by #pr3dators-klan!

ETTV Server admin of:
ettv1.mepa-clan.info:27980 (30 slots) - sponsored by Gamestream.com.mt
ettv2.mepa-clan.info:27980 (45 slots) - sponsored by Lanforge.net + DELL Poweredge Servers

** For all Servers join #mepa and ask wl|MEPA-Yancho or MEPA-Maldman **

Thats all from Yancho@MEPA

For any problems contact me on IRC


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MT National Caption for the Nations Cup 2005
[MT] National Captain for the Nations Cup 2004
OC Admin for Summer Cup 2004
OC Admin for Fall Cup 2004
OC Admin for Spring Cup 2005
CPUAMD 64 3200+
MemoryKingston HyperX 2 x 512 MB
Storage120 GB
GraphicsAti 9800 Pro
SoundOnboard 5.1
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro
MonitorLG Flatron 775 FT
MouseLogitech Mx 510
MousepadFunc 1030
HeadsetAltec Lansing P500
ConnectionADSL 4mb