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image: 2eb5nc9

Age: 20
Languages: Belgium / France / United Kingdom
Class: Medic
Clanless | /q RedoX__ @ Quakenet


Brink Team

image: header
image: eu Team Decerto

image: gb Potty (c)
image: gb dharky
image: gb R0SS
image: be Kevin
image: be RedoX

image: nl adeto (manager)

Brink Championship Qualifier

Team-Decerto vs undisclosed 1-3
Team-Decerto vs We Are So Dope 2-0
Team-Decerto vs ANARCHY.Brink 2-0

Enemy Territory Teams

image: 33kvqkg
image: eu Mono Maniacs E-sports

image: is Deztro (c)
image: pl riZla
image: ee ZeD
image: ru jOke
image: nl Bizzy
image: be RedoX

image: 1691f5x
image: de aToOn

image: is Deztro(c)
image: pl riZla
image: se fuchS
image: ru jOke
image: pl aDman
image: be RedoX

image: swd6pv
image: eu eNphaze E-Sports
ESL Winter League '10[/u]

image: fr S3NTEJZH
image: be RedoX
image: si squAze
image: it Stevjii
image: fr TOMOYO

image: nl Testi
image: fi Webe

image: logoedit21ni1
image: be Team EDiT[/i]
Clanbase OC Premier Group A '10[/u]

image: be jetro
image: be zeto
image: be RedoX
image: be lio
image: be emzi

image: be Prydz

image: banner%20copy
image: eu Aestas[/i]
Clanbase OC Premier Group C '09[/u]

image: be spiROZE
image: be Flocky
image: be Prydz
image: nl Nohead
image: be fostrum
image: de ohzor4

image: be RedoX[/q]


CPUIntel Core 2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3,15 GHz
MotherboardIntel Dragontail Peak DP35DP
Memory4 Gb DDR2
StorageMaxtor 300 Gb
GraphicsATI Radeon HD 4850
SoundATI Radeon HDMI
Operating SystemWindows Vista 64-bit
Monitoriiyama Pro Lite E2008HDS 20" 2ms
KeyboardSome Logitech USB keyboard
MouseRazer Deathadder 1800 dpi [blue]
MousepadQpad White CT Large
HeadsetRoccat Kave 5.1 surround
ConnectionTelenet Fibernet 60