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Played my last official match at the 25th of March 2007.

Former teams

Benelux Bangelijk!
2006 - 2007

Netherlands echz BANGELIJK! (CL)
Netherlands fets BANGELIJK!
Netherlands jor BANGELIJK!
Belgium jetro BANGELIJK!
Netherlands Anox BANGELIJK!
Netherlands Hope BANGELIJK!
Netherlands Zenix BANGELIJK!
Netherlands hkrep BANGELIJK!
Belgium fostruM BANGELIJK!
Belgium cherry BANGELIJK!
Netherlands wuKaS BANGELIJK!
Belgium Sile BANGELIJK!
Netherlands sTx BANGELIJK!
Netherlands LavOd BANGELIJK!
Netherlands horu$ BANGELIJK!

Europe Actinidia

Netherlands Act echz
Netherlands Act jor (CL)
Netherlands Act sloth
Netherlands Act ludoo
Sweden Act gob@r
Netherlands Act hkrep
Netherlands Act Soul
Poland Act zwitter
Germany Act mjo
Norway Act Linezy

Benelux The Flying Dutchmen

Netherlands fdnl^echo (CL)
Netherlands fdnl^fets
Belgium fdnl^Sile
Belgium fdnl^Overdrive
Netherlands fdnl^jor
Netherlands fdnl^swas
Netherlands fdnl^Soul
Netherlands fdnl^fates
Netherlands fdnl^duroh
Netherlands fdnl^u4ea
Netherlands fdnl^horu$
Netherlands fdnl^Azz0r

Europe coZane Gaming
2005 - 2006

Netherlands coZane echo
Netherlands coZane Ati_ (CL)
Slovenia coZane carniee
Slovenia coZane chinx
Slovenia coZane sigmA
Belgium coZane Grape
Belgium coZane Spectre
Germany coZane eMp
Germany coZane Psylo
Finland coZane Hrz

Benelux onLy-1

Netherlands echo o1
Netherlands Hertze o1 (CL)
Netherlands LeXus o1
Netherlands Balhaar o1
Netherlands Fets o1
Netherlands Vandal o1
Netherlands jackie o1
Netherlands Fost o1
Belgium Spectre o1
Belgium SneeK o1
Netherlands Efax o1
Netherlands dakreen o1
Netherlands Squrl o1

Netherlands Team-Zwolle
2004 - 2005

Netherlands [z] Echo.
Netherlands [z] Challah. (CL)
Netherlands [z] Roepaht.
Netherlands [z] gdS.
Netherlands [z] Guardian.


ClanBase 3on3 Benelux Ladder with onLy-1 (2005).
ClanBase OpenCup Spring 6on6 Third Division with FDNL (2006).
ESL 3on3 Fall Division 2 with Bangelijk (2006).
1Day-Cup 8 with Bangelijk (2006).

Played OpenCup premier division with Bangelijk (2007).
Got a direct invite for the premier league of the third Benelux Cup with Bangelijk (2007).
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6400
MotherboardAsus P5W DH Deluxe
MemoryG.E.I.L. 1 GB DDR2-800
StorageWestern Digital 250GB
GraphicsXFX GeForce 7900GT
SoundRealtek HD-Audio
Operating SystemWindows XP
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 206BW
KeyboardTrust Slimline Aluminium
MouseLogitech Optical MX518
MousepadSteelpad S&S
HeadsetSennheiser HD201
ConnectionOrange ADSL