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image: no#Vj[/b] cup owners]
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image: no Eirik
image: nl SQuid
image: no Hexagon
image: no Moldu
image: se Jocke
image: no Martinius
image: no Exztra
image: no Brez
image: no Yashi
image: no Woah

image: nl Acsi #target[/b] OpenCup Premier owners]
image: de Rakji
image: no Zodiac
image: no Domi
image: nl Woody
image: nl 7ele

image: noTeam Norway[/b] NationsCup owners]
image: no Domi
image: no Eirik
image: no Zodiac
image: no Vj
image: no Hexagon

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Winning every cup I ever participate in
CPU~> Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Motherboard~> Asus P5B DLX
Memory~> 2048mb
Storage~> 1,5TB
Graphics~> Gainward GeForce 8800GTS
Sound~> Creative XtremeGamer
Operating System~> Windows 7 Professional
Monitor~> Samsung SyncMaster 226BW
Keyboard~> Logitech G15
Mouse~> Razer DeathAdder [450dpi - 1000hz]
Mousepad~> SteelSeries SX
Headset~> Sennheiser PC160
Connection~> ADSL 16 mbit