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-About Me-[/b]]
QuoteNick: spaki
Name: Kamil S.
From: image: pl Poland ( Ladek-Zdroj )
Birth date: 30 - June -1993
Playing since: Sep 2007 ( ET )

Making movies for www.1stcav.pl
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image: plJustFIRE^spaki
image: plJustFIRE^cymky
image: plJustFIRE^mufasa
image: hrJustFIRE^praskoo
image: gbJustFIRE^unblind

-Ex Teams-[/b]]
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PolandJustFIRE ~Beniek
PolandJustFIRE ~ Pepper
PolandJustFIRE ~ Spaki
PolandJustFIRE ~ invent
PolandJustFIRE ~ hwq
PolandJustFIRE ~ ug

PolandJustFIRE ~RafcyX
PolandJustFIRE ~tba

image: plJustfire

image: pl spaki ©
image: pl pepper
image: pl invent
image: pl mooi
image: mt reky
image: nl nohead

image: plTeam-Analogy

image: pl spaki
image: pl boNusss ©
image: pl brobo
image: pl shizzle
image: pl nTd
image: pl jab0l

image: plFrozen Fire

image: pl spaki
image: pl squidy
image: pl hake
image: pl bmf
image: pl sank1e
image: pl s0k1
image: pl dager

image: plImmortal

image: pl spaki
image: pl squidy
image: pl hake
image: pl bmf
image: pl sank1e
image: pl RafcyX

Quote Palestyna 1953 Lanparty with Absolwent aka Fragstarrrr
I made pds rage egoquit
Owned olBaa in 3on3 with luger
Kniferound Series 2/II with Just Fire
JustFIRE 2on2 cup with JustFIRE (spaki,hwq/micho)
Crow.cup 3on3 with ziomy (invent,pepper,spaki)
Kniferound Series 2/I with Gwiazdeczki - team
Kniferound Series 2/III with Gwiazdeczki - team
Wandering cup (Ati_, invent, hizzy, Pepper, Spaki, Wrobel)
Zero Emphaty 3on3 cup v22

Quote email: www.spakipictures.gmail.com
irc: #wrapped-productions
gg: 629001
msn: spaki8@gmail.com

-Movie Projects-[/b]]

Movies which I made:
image: 957_controlled%20kopia
Controlled by ecklav
Starring: image: beecklav_
Status: DONE
Stream: Click
Download: Click
Release date: November 2009

Quoteimage: 2hoa1bt
Setup's minimovie
Starring: image: ptSETUP
Status: DONE
Stream: Click
Download: ---
Release date: December 2009

Quoteimage: 2vis200
Vokki The Movie
Starring: image: fivokki
Status: Done
Stream: Click
Release date: March 2010

Quoteimage: 24pib1x
Starring: image: eefrEeze
Status: Done
Stream: Click
Release date: August 2010

Quoteimage: 2qlwll4
1stCav EGU Lan Movie
image: pl Boski
image: pl Dolar
image: pl Errol
image: pl Czarek
image: pl Miks

Stream: Click
Release date: February 2011


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CPUIntel Core 2 Duo @ E8400
MotherboardAsus P5QL PRO
Storage500GB + 80GB
GraphicsGeForce GTX260
Operating SystemWindows 7 x64
MonitorLG FLATRON L1932P (19cal)
KeyboardRevlotec LightBoard XL2
MouseLogitech mx518 // soon A4tech X-750F
MousepadSteelSeries QcK
HeadsetSpeed-Link Medusa 5.1 Gaming Edition
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