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"Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future."

LANs attended:
Crossfire Intel Challenge 7 - 5th, 6th & 7th March 2010
Vita-Nova UK - 30th January 2011
Outpost on Fire 4 - 9th & 10th April
SAGE - 1st, 2nd & 3rd July 2011
E-Series Maximus - 2nd, 3rd & 4th December 2011
Adroits ET Masters - 2nd & 3rd June 2012
Gamescom 2012 - 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th August 2012
Adroits LAN 2012 - 19th, 20th & 21st October 2012

LANs organised:
KTV E-Series ET - 15th May 2011
SAGE - 1st, 2nd & 3rd July 2011
Adroits CoD4 Masters - 19th, 20th & 21st August 2011
E-Series Maximus - 2nd, 3rd & 4th December 2011
Adroits ET Masters - 2nd & 3rd June 2012
Adroits LAN 2012 - 19th, 20th & 21st October 2012

Me: Do you have anybody in your family called Asif?
koop: Yeah
potty: What? As if?
koop: Well, it's spelled exactly the same as my name[Akif] but slightly different

viper-: anyone knows a good program to download music?
Jasonii: uTorrent
viper-: and dont say limewire or bearsheare cause they suck
@[CB]Seanza: viper-
@[CB]Seanza: iTunes
viper-: i dont get anything of this itunes
viper-: :p
Jasonii: ...
Jasonii: omh viper- :D
Jasonii: die.
@[CB]Seanza: viper-
@[CB]Seanza: you download itunes?
viper-: yeah
viper-: If i try to dwnload a song
viper-: it says
viper-: doesn't excist.
viper-: :D
@[CB]Seanza: lal
@[CB]Seanza: you paid for the song?
viper-: ofc not
viper-: am not gonna pay for music o.o
viper-: :D
@[CB]Seanza: iTunes needs you too pay ;)
viper-: glad you tell me now
viper-: rofl.
viper-: :x

(23:10:00) (+dsn|Robertos) saying bb to this channel
(23:10:02) (+dsn|Robertos) BB WOLF
(23:10:05) —› part: (dsn|Robertos) (~robertos@Robertos.users.quakenet.org)

(23:10:06) (@Seanza) thank fuck for that
(23:10:10) (+suri`) HAHAHAHA
(23:10:11) (+bhn) hahhaa
(23:10:12) (+suri`) HAHAHAHA
(23:10:13) (+MojoJojo) hahahaha
(23:10:16) (@Seanza) that was amazing
(23:10:17) (+dsn|soee-san) :DDDDDDDDDDD
(23:10:17) (+bhn) dragon 2.
(23:10:18) (+one4one|Stary) YES
(23:10:18) (+one4one|Stary) OMG
(23:10:20) (+one4one|Stary) SCREENSHOT
(23:10:20) (+dsn|soee-san) finally
(23:10:27) (@Seanza) chatlogz saved

[18:32:25] [@Frop]: TosspoT
[18:32:29] [@TosspoT]: Frop
[18:32:32] [+Seanza]: wsk`
[18:32:35] [@Frop]: i think we should "silly puns with blurred vision" to the banlist
[18:32:39] [+wsk`]: Seanza
[18:32:40] [+Panda]: wsk`? ;o
[18:32:46] [+Seanza]: Panda
[18:32:47] [@TosspoT]: lol
[18:32:47] [+wsk`]: Panda?
[18:32:50] [+Seanza]: wsk`?
[18:32:54] [+wsk`]: TosspoT?
[18:32:55] [+pstarZ|RazZaH]: Seanza
[18:32:57] [+wsk`]: unblind?
[18:32:57] [+pstarZ|RazZaH]: ?
[18:32:59] [+Seanza]: pstarZ|RazZaH?
[18:33:01] [+wsk`]: pstarZ|RazZaH?
[18:33:05] [@Frop]: pstarZ|RazZaH?
[18:33:05] [+Seanza]: Frop?
[18:33:08] [+Panda]: HIlight me ?=[
[18:33:08] [@Frop]: Seanza?
[18:33:10] [+johNny_]: need skilled 6th
[18:33:12] [+pstarZ|RazZaH]: :D
[18:33:12] [+Seanza]: johNny_?
[18:33:14] [@Frop]: johNny_?
[18:33:17] [+wsk`]: sometimes I am pretty sad
[18:33:19] [+pstarZ|RazZaH]: johNny_
[18:33:20] [+wsk`]: being 31 years old
[18:33:22] [+wsk`]: sitting on irc
[18:33:22] [+miNd]: :XD:X:D:X:XS:XD:XD:DX:D

[16:37:42] [+g5`Waki]: Reactor is fun but we refuse to play coast
[16:37:48] [+JpeX]: never played that :D
[16:37:52] [+g5`Waki]: indeed
[16:37:58] [+g5`Waki]: Coast is like a big slap in my face
[16:38:32] [+Seanza]: g5`Waki, I heard that's not why they call you slaphead! :O

Netherlands Laddergoat: I ever dreamed you drove me to AEF and we played in a team?! :XD?

[23:35:49] [+zivs] everyone besides me do something else than games and beer :<
[23:36:17] [+zivs] but no worries!
[23:36:32] [+zivs] this weekend im off to celebrate one of my girlfriends 19th birthday!
[23:36:38] [+zivs] im not that horny anymore on her
[23:36:45] [+zivs] since i had sex with her while she was 17 Q_Q
[23:36:48] [+zivs] and I was 21
[23:36:49] [+zivs] :<
[23:37:09] [+zivs] must find girl at age of 14-16 now Q_Q

(11:14:57) (+SL|Evilynn) my fingers do what they want!

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1337 - Belgium Thomasz
1987 - Finland ensam (The year I was born)
2010 - Finland ensam (The year at the time)
3000 - Anonymous spankie
4000 - Poland requemm
5000 - Germany snip0
6000 - Anonymous xPERiA


Gaming Achievements
CB 2nd Division 4v4 Summer Cup 08 (Explanation eSports)
CB Premier Division 6v6 Fall Cup 08 (Explanation eSports)

4th ($1250) TGL Burning Nations (Mega Uber Super Euro Ultra Mix)

CODEHOOK 3on3 Cup (Dziwki)

Was best medic in my first official ET match (CiC7)

Other Achievements
CF Community Champion (For content)
YCN 300 Ventrilo Competition
Attended CiC7 and was an awesome tech support guy there!
Organised SAGE
Adroits CoD4 Masters Event of The Year 2011

Nominated for TEK-9.org Community Member of The Year 2011
Nominated for Crossfire.nu Community Member of The Year 2011
All 3 Adroits Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Events Nominated for TEK-9.org Event of The Year 2011
CPUIntel® Core™2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz @ 2200MHz
MotherboardAcer JV50 mainboard
Storage290GB Internal & 1TB External
GraphicsATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 (512MB)
SoundRealtek 5.1
Operating SystemWindows 7 64-bit
Monitor22" LG & 19" HP
KeyboardSteelSeries 7G
MouseSteelSeries Sensei
MousepadSteelSeries QcK+ (x2)
HeadsetSteelSeries Frost Blue Siberia v2
ConnectionVirgin Media 50Mb Cable