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Cless Playing WoW

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19. Liga4Fun 6v6 2008 Gruppe 2 with AoW
#coldfire-Cup 3v3 2008 With AoW
ESL Freizeitliga With Kommando-squad-deutschland
Ugly 3on3 cup with Plasa<3
8bits Night cup with 8b1ts.Plasa<3
result 3on3 cup with Plasa<3
Plasa 3on3 cup with Plasa<3
Vendetta 3on3 cup with Plasa<3
Coldfire 8 Teams 6on6 cup With 8b1ts.Plasa<3
#fake69 3on3 cup v1 With Plasa <3


Coldfire 8 Teams 3on3 Cup with PLASA<3
Anti-Gaming 3on3 cup with BROT
Anti-Gaming 3on3 cup with Plasa<3
unbrained.gaming 3on3 cup with Plasa<3
19. Liga4Fun 6v6 2008 Final with AoW
#9th-dimension Cup 3v3 2008 with AoW
#mightycup.et 6on6 1 day Cup with paranoids Team-disQonnect
Retrocup v2 6on6 With Projekt-High.et
Rtcw group Stage burner cup With KSD
RTCW 6on6 Warleague Ladder with KSD
MGCL 3on3 OpeningCup COD4 with KSD


#myr.et 3on3 Cup with BROT
#Outlaw 6on6 Cup With Team-BROT
#mightycup.et 6on6 1 day Cup With disQonnect
uNwise 5on5 Cup With Projekt-High.et
OC Fall 2008 5th Div with AoW-Fanatic
headless 3on3 Cup With LemonTree
a-zume 3on3 Cup With 8b1ts.Plasa<3
Random 3on3 Cup With 8b1ts.Plasa<3
Coldfire 3on3 Cup With 8b1ts.Plasa<3
iceman.cup 3on3 With Team-Brot
camelot 3on3 Cup With 8b1ts.Plasa<3
#fake69 3on3 Cup with Plasa <3

19th-21th on CC6 Enschede
CPUduel core 2.6 ghz
Storage250 gb sata samsung
Graphicsnvidia Gforce 560 GTX ti
SoundSoundblaster pci 128
MonitorTFT 22 zoll
KeyboardLogitech g11
MouseLogitech g5
MousepadRazer Goliathus XD
HeadsetLogitech High definition Gaming Headset
ConnectionDSL 6000