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Currently clan's:[/b]

III Portugal Saeba Besta!
III Germany WhiteSide Drunk!
III Germany ZeYos Talent!
III Netherlands sNakoo Liar!


Europe6killaheartz 6v6:

Portugal 6KHZ{ saeba
Poland 6KHZ{ KieraS
Finland 6KHZ{ Niki
Estonia 6KHZ{ kraby
Belgium 6KHZ{ Curfy
Finland 6KHZ{ VerMu

sponsoring by #r@g

enVy 3v3:

Finland envy. JeBu
Finland envy. flashdown
Portugal envy. saeba
Germany envy. LeAN

sponsored by #envy.et

Solidarity 6v6:

United Kingdom SOLIDARITYWi!3iAms
Molvania SOLIDARITYhex4
Netherlands SOLIDARITYfoXyb0t
Portugal SOLIDARITYsaeba
Netherlands SOLIDARITYbizzy

sponsored by #solidarity.et

Izi-bash 6v6:

Spain izibash 4 Neom
Spain izibash 4 Zion
Spain izibash 4 M1st3r
Portugal izibash 4 saeba
Spain izibash 4 bTC
Spain izibash 4 Z1P

sponsored by #izi-bash

busted STARS 6v6:

Poland busted STARS numeric
Hungary busted STARS seNti
Romania busted STARS eujeN
Portugal busted STARS saeba
Poland busted STARS ska
Canada busted STARS Jokerz
Netherlands busted STARS Jesse

sponsored by #bustedstars

nVision 3v3:

Estonia nVision campari
Netherlands nVision TwA
Portugal nVision saeba

sponsored by #nVision.eu

A big kiss to:[/b]]

- image: dk bamZe
- image: dk fiskEn
- image: fi Spirea
- image: fi Sanda
- image: de criatura
- image: hu seNti
- image: pl KENTO <3
- image: pl numeric
- image: pl ridji
- image: pl ELVIS
- image: pt ag0n
- image: pt mAv
- image: pt blasi
- image: pt Strider
- image: nl ton1
- image: nl overschie
- image: nl Pds
- image: nl Good
- image: es Z1P
- image: es Neom
- image: es Zion
- image: es mAda
- image: es bTC
- image: es M1st3r
- image: eu tekn0
- image: ca MissioN


Online 3on3:

8th in CB 3v3 Ladder with Finland ENVY
Coldfire TuesdayCup I (3vs3) with Europe Pussy, money, weed.
Alot of cup's with Norway nVision
mYrmidons 3vs3 cup #3 Finland ENVY
#oe.clan ET 3v3 Cup with Slovenia Press tart
xFusion Cup #1 with Slovenia Press tart

cameltoe cup #6 with Jamaica dwukropek ha
sjee-cup #2 with Ecuador accurate
Coldfire MondayCup v1.0 (3vs3) with Finland ENVY
E0h.et ET v2 3on3 Cup with Russia SCROTUM
Alot of cup's with Norway nVision
XTarsia 3v3-cup NightCup #2 with Norway nVision
Coldfire KnifeCup I (3vs3) with Europe rarara

Skillz ET v2 3on3 Cup with Poland some1s
#Team-AoW.et 3v3 Cup #08 & #9 with Norway nVision
#Afterline 3on3 Version 1 with Norway nVision

Online 6on6:

mYrmidons 6vs6day #1 cup with Ecuador mYrmidons

LAN 5on5:

warpit 5v5 LAN PARTY @ Portugal with Portugal NAGaming
CPUIntel Core2duo 6300 @ 1.86GHz
Storage195 GB, 102GB
Graphicsgeforce nVidia 7600 LE
SoundLogitech Headphones
Operating SystemWindows xp professional
MonitorAcer AL1916
Keyboardione made in china
MouseTrust AMI Mouse 250S optical
MousepadSteel pad
ConnectionInternet 6mb ADSL