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*#Lotte new clanleader
*Mr all knowing
*Sometimes amazing 0wnat0r
*Snus customer
*1 Year ET
*Not very active ET player , mercin sometimes
*Playing:W:ET a`lil bit bored of another games

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Quote by Meee :D
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Quote by estoNian newbz

Estonia frEezepakz
Estonia UbkAAA
Estonia Needle no brained lagger
Estonia sCope
Estonia StoudA <33
Estonia pleiku
Estonia signum:*
Estonia crMzji
Sweden alexL gymboi
Netherlands motif fatboi
Anonymous cosmic:**
Finland Simppa
France splthh mate liek 1,5y

image: 16287ps
Quote by #lotte
Estonia jezzEnsiek {CL}
Estonia frEeze
Netherlands motif
Estonia sigNüm
Estonia sCope
Estonia stoudA

image: smile_irwe
Quote by ertSEstonia

busted noob, mis odavalt,, osta skill mitte bot.. ja siis tule mängima

Quote by frEezeEstonia

joke of ze day

Quote by hybrAtekNetherlands

nah, u are just a hacking nerd

Quote by JyrkZEstonia

kle, sa oled liiga obv :D, või jõker nolifer

Quote by MantEstonia

vb tglt kui sa enda cheadi mingi max peale keeraks teeksite jah 2ra

Quote by BrChBelgium

-: cry me a river unknown pro
-: mr online only tard

Quote by xrifZEstonia

millal aimbot valmis on?

Quote by s1gnumEstonia

tra sa 2 obivous 4 us

Quote by TEKN0United Kingdom

real nick?

Quote by splthhFrance

n1ce wh when i take obj for the 1st time :(

Quote by KerkkoFinland

jezzen..he only got 5bots left

Quote by KadiEstonia

sa oled ju kunn selles mängus ;)

Quote by irb1sCroatia
ourserver only, hahaha... pbsss block

Quote by jaymodAnonymous
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Quakecon 2005
Memory»»»» C
Storage»»»»»»»»»»» r
Graphics»»»»» u
Sound»»»»»» s
Operating System»»»
Monitor»»»»»»»»»» e
Keyboard»»»»»»»»» m
Mouse»»»»»»»» o
Mousepad»»»»»»» t
Connection» n