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*Current Games Being Played*
Aion - Level 38 (Cleric) - RussianPride
Enemy Territory - Last season of ET
"it's a promise that Brickabricka is gonna
win twl in my final season of enemy territory"

*Current Teams*

*Team BrickaBricka* BB' ] - Participating in TWL Ladder Currently in 1st Place
Canada BBRICKA anim
Canada BBRICKA rockstAr
Canada BBRICKA rossko
United States of America BBRICKA chronic
Chile BBRICKA m@x

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Team Cross Breed is an online gaming team. We compete with other teams in friendly matches, scrimmages, leagues, ladders, and other events to prove ourselves as a fun and competitive gaming team. We strive to show our dedication by showing good sportsmanship in game and within the gaming communities we are involved. We wish to provide our members with a feeling of family, friendship and to provide a fun and friendly environment in which to play.


[ ]
& ETL Season 1 3v3 B *]Team Ndg ET
& Halloween 1 day cup 2007 Team LOLblar ET
& 2on2 1day cup - Chronic (cb!) , Nehtor ( ss-) ETQW
& #sin4u 4 on 4 Knife Cup* cLutch Impact ET
& ETL Season 3 3v3 A *Team Switchback ET
& 3o3 cup #2 * cLutch Impact ET

[ ]
& Team Warfare League 3v3 2007*Team eXcom ET
& Shattered Alliance Cup*Team Digit ET
& ETL Season 2 3v3 A*Team tCp ET

[ ]
&TGL 5v5 2008 Season 1Team Crossbreed ETQW
&Clanbase 6on6 SummerCup 2009*Team cLutch Impact ET
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadRazer Vespula