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Ex Teams
- United States of America Grenades Galore]
(chewz-, spho, twidi, strAf`, Cursed, kapaa)
United Kingdom verSatile 2011]
(chewz-, Kevin, Cursed, StrAf, FLoPJEHZ, demented, revee)
- Europe F.U.C.K.U]
(chewz-, edain, aphesia, Krein, naga, wiesiek, Lepari)
- Europe fuZion.ET]
(chewz-, Jalo, Sinnu, siL, vANQ, Ati_, Matias)
- United Kingdom Team Validus]
(chewz-, demented, tyyrd, Jinosta, kolibri, Pigeon, coco, rolst (cic7 pro mercs :pPp)
- United Kingdom Visualize Your Enmity]
(chewz-, Jinosta, tyyrd, demented, Ipson, biZZy)
- Germany Anexis eSports]
(chewz-, Jinosta, tyyrd, demented, kolibri, sLARTI, Pigeon)
- United Kingdom Sublime]
(chewz-, tyyrd, FLoPJEHZ, demented, Jinosta, Conquery, kamz)
- United Kingdom verSatile Gaming]
(chewz-, demented, Pigeon, LeAn, owzo, qUERY, bEARBOY, seb1, FLoPJEHZ)
- Germany Team FATGAMES]
(twnzy, murDa, freezer, Cursed, palemki, tyyrd, chewz-)
- Netherlands Zero Empathy]
(chewz-, Gnome, elvz, tyyrd, cant remember rest :p)
- Europe Attention.ET]
(cant remember, 2 week team anyway :D)
- Germany pstarZ Gaming]
(chewz-, MENTh, Stormy, Vane, bAlu, TRAZo, spidah)


EuroCup XXI
ESL Major Series VI
Team Survive Season 1
Easy Company VI Division 1
Team Dignitas 2on2 Cup
OpenCup Winter League 2010
Warleagues 2009

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Random Cups

EuroCup XXII
ESL Major Series VII
OpenCup Premier 2012
OpenCup Premier 2011
OpenCup Premier 2010
OpenCup Premier 2009
Crossfire Intel Challenge 7