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enjoy Belgium spiROZE and me trolling http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=journal&mode=item&id=113029#comment2501102


Most Entertaining Journal by the one and only HungaryNonix


Nonix on 16/09/10, 17:47:20 PM | Reply

I need your life.

syndicate on 16/09/10, 17:50:22 Del | Edit | Reply

can swap if you want!

EDIT: but i wanna keep my face and my body... no offense.. just.....


Alone_ on 16/09/10, 17:51:54 PM | Reply



LoEkInO on 31/05/10, 23:40:36 PM | Reply

"next time if i accidentally have my penis out ill just say that i did a vila!"


-syndicate: "dont think about gay porn! just dont...!"

-rapBeSrry: "Why not?"

-syndicate: "quoted! :DDDD"

-rapBeSrry: "baited.. :("



Satan plays ET and has fail journal: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=27068




fastest and cleanest shredder :D
started playing ET in same clan with Estoniarisee (npm clan) and made him go mad becuz of my noobness haha =D
played 1 on 1 with Switzerland gifty and got raped badly (on valhalla) and he even had the heart to say "i sucked, i have to play more ET" LIKE HE WASN`T GOOD ENOUGH ! :D
won against NetherlandssaKen in a 1 on 1 during 5 min on radar. quote: "wtf stop aim pls"
Greecek3rv3r0s accused me of cheating and posted on CF!
toured with slayer, trivium, amon amarth, mastodon, ektomorf
mx518 hater, deathadder and diamondback lover
best cfg
i love cats
mAus fanboy
gifty fanboy ( i live in same village ;DD )
Kevin playing the piano fanboy
my gf > yours
playing stoned all the time ;D
gonna meet Switzerlandsubby somewhen, that little crackhead
rage killed 3 mice, 2 monitors, an Ipod, a lot of strings, 1 pair of glasses, and about 4 headsets... and hundreds of other things.... :DDDDDD
Scotland Glovv being blinded by me and my beauty :D (and insulting me as "mofo" cuz he is not in my buddylist but he FUCKING IS :DDD)
"comment of the week" chosen by Anonymous Alone_
"worst journal of 2010" chosen by Finland fracture
played with Sweden nuggan omg omg omg!
1000th profile hit by Belgium Flanders Predje
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Memory4gb RAM
GraphicsATI Radeon XT1650
Soundsounds like your mom on a hot night.
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