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::Current team::
Netherlands[/b]: 2on2 team]

image: Z1735D
* Status: Active
* Lineup:

image: e9f3uv Hellgast
image: e9f3uv Seizure

::Ex (serious) teams::
image: e9f3uv Team-Helmond[/b]: a clan with only people from Helmond]

* Status: Inactive
* IRC: #Helmond
* League: OC 3rdDivision Fall 2009
* Lineup:

image: e9f3uv Hellgast [c]
image: e9f3uv Seizure
image: e9f3uv Smuggler
image: e9f3uv Bigsmoke
image: e9f3uv Fritsie
Netherlands Terifire
Netherlands Jiep
Netherlands Woody

Europeshowtime[/b]: played my first clanbase match with this clan '08]
*League: SW OC Premier Fall 2008

Netherlands Hellgast [c]
Netherlands Seizure
Netherlands Bigsmoke
Netherlands Smuggler
Netherlands Paatnok
Finland Kaide
France meNtj
United Kingdom Solitude

Netherlandsmomentum[/b]: first serious ETpro team. fall '08.]

Netherlands Hellgast [c]
Netherlands Seizure
Netherlands Bigsmoke
Netherlands Smuggler
Netherlands hybrAtek
Netherlands Hellgast
Netherlands Terifire
Netherlands sancTi

::About me::
Jasper "sZr" van Tol.
17 .
Netherlands Netherlands.
Helmond image: e9f3uv.
Dutch Netherlands, Deutsch Germany, English United Kingdom.
House, Trance, Dance.
ET, FIFA10 (L), Trackmania Nations Forever
NetherlandsHellgast[/b]: for being one of my best friends in real life.]
We always make fun in de class and make tax :D:D. Subway is our favourite restaurant, lots of money is gone thanks to Subway. A couple of years ago we started to play ET. Hellgast is a good player and he will become a legend. When school started we came with the wonderful idea to make another clan.. but this time with real friends only. With a good training we will make it to the top.

NetherlandsSmuggler[/b]: know him since the 3rd year on secondary school.]
Smugger aka Mike is a good kid. We always go out on Saturday or Thursday and then drink a lot. It's a pity that you went to another school now. Hope you will succeed on ur new school and make the best of it. Ofcourse we'll stay good friends.

NetherlandsBigsmoke[/b]: real life friend. Learned a lot from him.]
Bigsmoke aka Michael is a very good player. Sometimes we held a LANparty at his crib and made a lot of fun. When you have a problem he always helps you and he makes a lot of jokes on ventrilo.

NetherlandsRaver[/b]: also one of my best friends in real life.]
After school we always play FIFA 10 on the PS3. Always make a lot of fun and go to McDonalds lots of times. Even in Spain Spain we went to the same campings. He's a motherfucking raver with the hardcore flavour ! xdd

NetherlandsTrixor[/b]: learned me new things in ET.]
We often played some wars with an old clan Netherlands Tropical. You let me play some wars with ur buddies sometimes. Thanks to this I learned new and usefull things. Good kid :).

NetherlandsTerifire[/b]: always fun to play wars with.]
I know you from Netherlands Hellgast. You are nice guy who has a good brain and learned me some new stuff. It's always fun watching you playing wars with Netherlands Hellgast and Netherlands Bigsmoke. Great player! :D

::Greetings from::
image: 120px-Helmond_vlag "Helmond, Netherlands"
image: cakebb


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Participated in:
>< OC Premier league 6on6 2008
>< OC Third league 6on6 2009
CPU* Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67 Ghz
Motherboard* Intel DX58SO 'Smackover'
Memory* 6GB A-Data DDR3 Triple Channel G
Storage* 1x: 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1 and 1x: Western Digital 300GB
Graphics* nVidia Geforce GTX280
Sound* Onboard
Operating System* Windows Vista
Monitor* Philips 190i
Keyboard* Logitech G15
Mouse* Razer Deathadder
Mousepad* Steelseries QcK+
Headset* Senheiser PC151
Connection* UPC Fiber Power