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Currently working
2 days at a Non-profit organisation as marketing assistant.
2 days at a Telecom company as head marketing.
2 days as Freelance filmer and designer.


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Current Projects:

Gameserver providing coming up soon.

Past Projects

United States of America Solanum
Earth Damage Control Gaming (Head Admin.)
United Kingdom [FW] ETpro team / Aktrona
Netherlands Target
Estonia AfterLine
Netherlands Team Majestic
Italy Semper Fortis
United States of America |ABC| Slagfest 6o6 "Cup."
Netherlands [CoH]
Earth CCCP mine festival. (obviously, Requiem won lol.)


Current Team

: None

image: teamhistory

United States of America Doomfish
United States of America Slayer
United States of America COLONEL
United States of America Joemamma
United States of America Requiem
United States of America Hellester
United States of America Angel Eyes
United States of America Eric
Netherlands Walk!n Target
Netherlands SegtGunner
Belgium Tommy
Belgium mathi
Belgium Seiniyta
Belgium Gunkje
France Franzo
Poland Travel
United Kingdom Woody
United Kingdom Hitmen
United Kingdom Legend

tag: [CCCP]name

Netherlands Walk!n
Netherlands Jestor
Netherlands tukker
Netherlands Dead-Hero
United Kingdom Bounty
Belgium Roel
Belgium Grid

tag: [CoH]name

Canada =>ETK<= (Enemy Territory Killers) - 1st period

United States of America
United States of America D-day
United States of America Knifechucker
United States of America George
Canada Jnd73
Canada Kweegwin
Netherlands Walk!n Target

tag: +ABC|name

United States of America [FW] (Fighting Wolverines)

United States of America iPop
United States of America xyzz
United States of America Flipmode
Canada Oreo*
Austria sRgN
Netherlands Walk!n
Netherlands Spine
Finland Sm!le
Sweden Smekht

tag: dC.name

Canada Nemisis - Manager
Netherlands Cupra
Netherlands Spyro
Netherlands SilCz
Netherlands Rush
Netherlands Walk!n
Belgium flAsq
Estonia sCope
Finland Matiii
Israel resiz

tag: seMper::name

Canada Bestever
Brazil FlyingMidget
United States of America Hunter
United States of America Quint
United States of America Eric
United States of America Vermilion
United States of America Ac!d
United States of America OnoMotopEia
Netherlands Walk!n

name: et.K|name

Netherlands 7ele
Netherlands Spyro
Netherlands Walk!n
Netherlands xeoxis
Belgium Flashy

tag: majestic-name

Estonia sCope
Estonia Instep
Estonia Sand
Estonia stoudA
Estonia hAkzz
Germany Sprica
Poland eque
Portugal rAzhel
Netherlands Walk!n - sponsor only

tag: A'line.name

Netherlands Woody
Netherlands ReVa
Netherlands Testi
Netherlands Second
Netherlands Godez
United Kingdom Raskl
Netherlands Walk!n - Manager

tag: name [Target]


Netherlands Zenith
Netherlands Duro
Anonymous sesn1
Malta rekyy
Finland matsui
United States of America TheEnd
Romania nebu
Belgium Kevveh
Netherlands Walk!n - manager

tag: aKtrona'name

United States of America
United States of America Mistaken
United States of America Torrent
United States of America Hornet
United States of America Sandman
United States of America Cody
Canada Tranix
Italy VJTO
Netherlands Walk!n - manager & back-up
Greece K3rv3r0s
Poland MxM

tag: sl* name


image: contact

xfire: caradhas
steam: caradhas
IRC: #target or #fwhelp
or just /q Walkin


image: aboutwt

Besides working in the media/communication sector, computers, music and traveling is basicly my life. (and yes, I suck at making sigs and banners <3).

United States of America Red Hot Chili Peppers
United States of America Green Day
United States of America The Black Keys
United States of America Maroon5
United States of America Papa Roach
United States of America Muse
United States of America Linkin Park
United States of America Queens of the Stone Age
United States of America Tool
United States of America Metallica
Canada Simple Plan
Canada Nickelback
Australia Jack Johnson
Australia Pete Murray
Australia Wolfmother
Australia AC/DC
Ireland U2
Ireland The Script
United Kingdom Razorlight
United Kingdom Artic Monkeys
United Kingdom The Killers
Netherlands The Sheer
Netherlands Voicst
Netherlands Moke
Netherlands Anouk
Netherlands De Staat
Netherlands Roosbeef
Netherlands Alamo Race Track
Netherlands Destine
Netherlands De Heideroosjes
Netherlands Golden Earring
Belgium Milow

image: IMGP0734

United States of America US 1994 (Florida)
Denmark Denmark 1995 (Kopenhagen)
Brunei Darussalam / Australia Brunei / Australia 1996 (Bandei El Segidan or some shit, Darwin, Ayers Rock, Cairns, Brisbane.)
Canada Canada 1998 (Vancouver, Banks, Kamloops, Edmonton, Calgary.)
Oman Oman 2000 (Muscat, Sur, Nizwa.)
Sweden Sweden 2000 (Stockholm, Granna)
Spain Spain 2003 (Barcelona)
Switzerland Swiss 2003 (St.Gallen - for a international soccer tournament.)
Italy Italy 2005 (Rome)
Australia Australia 2006 (Darwin, Catherine, Broome, Tom Price, Exmouth, Canarvon, Perth)
Finland Finland 2007 (Turku, Tampere, Helsinki)
Namibia / South Africa Namibia / South Africa 2008 (Windhoek, Swakopmund, Spitzkoppe, Cape Town)
Malta Malta 2009 (Gozo, Sliema, Valetta)
Italy / France Italy + France 2009 (Caldaro, Lago d'Iseo, Milano, Genova, Ceriale, Annecy)
Madagascar Madagaskar 2010 (Antananarivo, Ambrosita, Ifati, Diego Suarez, Nosy Be)

Don't remember the date of:
United Kingdom UK tour. (London + visiting friends in Sussex)
Belgium Visiting Antwerpen & Gent.

Too much to list in these country's, but I have been to:
France France (all over the country, Paris 5x, French Alpes too many times)
Germany Germany (all over the country)
Austria Austria (in the mountains.)


ET Stuff:

Map 1:
image: screenofBunker_ladder

image: maptesting

image: levelmakingradiobuilding

Map 2:
image: mapexplained

in a random order:

Austria sRgN / Eisregen - Rnade Austrian..watch out :P
Belgium Seiniyta
Belgium Tommy
Belgium Red Ghost / Vypher
Brazil FlyingMidget
Canada Nemesis - A truly good manager. Nice guy.
Canada Oreo* - Crazy Canadian. New anim !
Canada Bestever
Netherlands Enigma
Netherlands Spyro
Netherlands Cupra - gotta love that helium voice
Netherlands Spine
Netherlands SegtGunner - Best cursing in half Dutch/English ever <3
Netherlands Tele
Netherlands Woody
Scotland Neilly
Scotland M!nx
United Kingdom Syko
United States of America iPop - RAWWWWWWR monster and my personal bitch <3
United States of America Weegee - No-lifer emo :D
United States of America Elrayrey
United States of America Doomfish - Most wicked kid I ever met <3
United States of America Requiem - Rnade specialist..crazy bouncing nades still gives me the creeps.
United States of America xyzz
United States of America Jblaze
United States of America Mistaken - Listen to this bitch because he is better then you :)
United States of America Vermilion - nowadays a LoL freak :D
United States of America schism
United States of America Rizza
United States of America KnifeChucker
United States of America D*day
Zimbabwe Godfrey

If I'd ever could create a team just from my buddy's it would pretty much look like this:

Netherlands Woody - fops / medic
Netherlands Tele - rambo
United Kingdom Syko - med/ 2nd engie
United States of America Vermilion - medic / fops
United States of America iPop - medic
United States of America Mistaken - rifle

Netherlands Enigma
Austria sRgN
Canada Oreo*

just wish they were all active :'(


Out of a cornerkick the ball suddenly comes to me and I hit the post from very close.
Coach:"You are a true defender goddamnit, you do everything to not score."

Quote of a striker: "Are you gay or something ? Stop following me to everywhere"


Ski teacher: Hey, you want to join our ski school? You are really good, you know.

Quote of a Belgium participant in France La Toussiere at the GP Jean Pierre Vidal: How late is the shop geoffned ?
France Shopowner: ?? You said what ?
Belgium Participant : geoffned ?
Italy Participant : he means .. quelle hour est vous ouvert?
Belgium Participant: Yea.
France Shopowner ... ah

Quote of a Switzerland spectator after seeing my first run in France La Plagne:
And you are from Holland? No way!

ET and games related
.John_ </3: You guys are getting wapshapaloopdiwrapda pwnd.

grid: Nice wh walkin
dC.Walk!n: it's called lean. Press Q & E >:)
grid: ...

dC.iPop: You scared ? You really really scared ? Because now is WT coming to you. We will release this crazy Dutch bitch and you will get rolled so hard you will not even noticed that I or Dustin steal the objective.
Now you still wanna have a scrim ?

Lis8910: So what about this Left4Dead is it any good?
dC.Walk!n:Yea great game..zombie shooting. It's a co-op. You need good comms man, for like; "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggh there are a whole load of fucking zombies everywhere !"

myMYM|Nemesis you retard

[17:57] <@Acsi|Woody> testi's ego slaat alles
[17:57] <@Acsi|sChooLer> `die van jou ook !
[17:57] <@Acsi|sChooLer> :D
[17:58] <@Acsi|Woody> komdat omdat die van mij op skills gebaseerd is
[17:58] <@Acsi|Woody> testi is geowon een luchtfietser
[17:58] <@Acsi|sChooLer> xDDDD lolz
[17:58] <+snailbot> :D :D :D
[17:58] <@Testi> xDDDD lolz

Doomfish: How can you play with such a slow sens ? I could only move like 5 degrees in-game while I was twisting my arms..

NET seen: walkin
NET seen: wanna join NET ?
NET seen:?
et.K|Walk!n: Oo
J***: :O
NET seen: no?
et.K|Walk!n: not sure
NET seen: <_<
J***: :|
et.K|Walk!n : Busy with 2 teams already.
et.K|Walk!n: but Im honoured you ask a low+ player :O
J***: :O
NET seen: naw
NET seen: med+ atleast
J***: im low-
et.K|Walk!n: I'll think about it ok.
NET seen: Yes!
*on vent: fuck the NET's lol.*

<iNstep> with your config i hit like mamut night

* Walkin sets mode: +o sCope`
* sCope` is now known as qweri
* qweri is now known as gaylord
<@Walkin> fail. lol

Walk!n #target: Surprised a low+ guy from EU can kill you ? :D
Walk!n #target: stop whining..I even can't aim properly because of the ping.

aKtrona.siNtol: Spyro, rifle coming..at your back..in je rug
aKtrona.siNtol: andere rug !!
aKtrona.Spyro: kankerjong!
aKtrona.Spyro was killed by plt|pilot's K43
aKtrona.Spyro: zeg dan ook MAIN of SIDE en niet in je rug GVD..wat denk je nou wel niet ?!? XD
aKtrona.siNtol: XD

wHINE psikus was killed by aKtrona'Walk!n's Thompson
wHINE kbm was killed by aKtrona'Walk!n's Thompson

Allies secured the second crate !
Allies succesfully beat the clock!

wHINE psikus: ....
aKtrona'Walk!n: first time 3x :D
aKtrona'Zenith: GG
wHINE kbm: sure
aKtrona'matsui: lol we win even with Walkin..he is low-


image: pb000717
Spine hacked vent ? Rofl.

image: telecastemouse
My mousepad <3

image: shot0001-2
more blur ? :O

image: raged1

image: worldwar2internets
Internet Wars !


image: labels=0


- Doubtful honor to be classified as low-
Favourite YouTube Videos
CPUIntel Core i5-430N
Memory4 GB DDR3
Storage500 GB
GraphicsATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Sounddefault soundcard
Operating SystemWindows 7
Monitorlaptop default
KeyboardLaptop default
MouseLogitech Mx518
MousepadFender Telecaster
HeadsetUSB HUB from Logitech
ConnectionW-LAN / WiFi