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Douchebag on 03/03/09, 23:24:39 PM | Reply

<@Thomm> dude, you cant hit her 600 miles away
<@Thomm> since your penis is just 6 inches long
<@Rhand> im not gonna hit her with meh penis
<@Rhand> and 6 inches?
<@Rhand> use cm
<@Rhand> what are u, british?
<@Thomm> 6cm?
<@Thomm> :DDD
<@Thomm> HAHAHA
<@Rhand> idiot :DD

Rhand on 03/03/09, 23:29:23 PM | Reply

nothing funny, move along people.

(Rhand) hey
(Rhand) kan ik u demos krijgen?
(lioco) gaat is naar huis wtf
(lioco) :D
(lioco) Rhand
(lioco) gij zijt serieus ofwa ? :D
(Rhand) gaat is naar huis?
(Rhand) hoezo, ik zit thuis
(Rhand) en ik wil u demos ja
(lioco) :D
(lioco) weet gij waar gij die demos kunt steke ?
(lioco) in u gat jong, ga is op ettv zien wa is da

<Circus> Wa maakt da uit als ge 1x cheat in een public server
<Circus> Als Tom boonen met zijne brommer naar de bakker gaat dan cheat 'm toch ook nie he


Fail Quotes:

22:41] <Evilynn> wtf are u talking about
[22:41] <one4one|duNZ> about titfuck
[22:41] <Evilynn> so ur a cybersex-nerd? wtf serious business
[22:41] <Evilynn> are u black?
[22:42] <one4one|duNZ> ye
[22:47] <Evilynn> cmon i am so horny for u man
[22:47] <Evilynn> want some pics?
[22:47] <Evilynn> i am already touching myself seriously
[22:49] <one4one|duNZ> i hope you do understand
[22:49] <one4one|duNZ> that u are brainfucked
[22:49] <Evilynn> thahahahahaha xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[22:49] <Evilynn> opls gimme ur hard nigga dick
[22:49] <one4one|duNZ> im no nigga
[22:50] <one4one|duNZ> im afro american
[22:50] <Evilynn> I see, ur sensitive
[22:50] <Evilynn> I can understand, sorry then, gimme ur hard afro american dick in that case
[22:51] <Evilynn> a prolly i ruined all the hornyness now with my racist comment :<

Evilynn sagt:
I heard they´re little monsters when awake, and quite dangerous
Evilynn sagt:
and that they stink
Bas sagt:
just like men