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22:55 Melo: ca fait lgtps que j ai pas
22:56 Ecoh: fait caca ?
22:56 Melo: ca fera 1 an au mois d aout :(:(

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Dirtyhandz 8)


I erased my profile since crossfire got an hardware failure (22.08.2009) and didn't restored it well.

ex-clans: F*ckOps (leader) 2004-2007, nSl #iLuz 2007, l&d 2007, wnL (uNbusted) (manager) 2008, react v1 (leader) 2008, Aardappelpuree 2008, LaT (for fun) 2008-2009, happyface 2008-2009, Los Locos 2009, react v2 2009, 2 weeks teams (sepia, CaptainZ, etc...) and now unbrained (backup).

awards: a lot of one day cups (wnL, react, Los Locos), TFET div2 (react), OC 4th (hf), ladder 6on6 benelux (ap).