LAN Veteran

Has attended an ET LAN event



undisputed king of 2.55
undisputed king of et_ufo
CEO of Lordibox on Adlernest

Finland PUSSYBASHERS since 2010

Finland LORDI / lrd
Finland Sungi / sng
Finland Rong / rng



CB OC Spring 2011 2on2 2nd Division with FinlandeXtreme Cocks
CB OC Fall 2011 2on2 2nd Division with FinlandhaxByjam
CB Ladder 2011 2on2 with FinlandhaxByjam
CB Ladder 2011 2on2 with FinlandJustice
CB Ladder 2012 2on2 with FinlandkAAPURITARIT

FragCup 2.55+ 2009 5on5 with Europe'xD Trickjump,
NationsCup 2.55 2010 5on5 with FinlandTeam Finland
ESL Winter 2010 3on3 5th Division with FinlandTeam Jullage
CB OC Fall 2011 3on3 2nd Division with EuropePriests
CB OC Spring 2013 6on6 3rd Division with SloveniaeXecutors
DOOPPI Cup 3on3 Season 9 with FinlandRong, BulgariaMirage & FinlandHIRVI
#LIKEABOSS Cup 3on3 with Netherlandstimbolina & BelgiumViKO
ET United ODC 3on3 Season 10 with FinlandPUSSYBASHERS
KlientPro Winter Cup 2018 3on3 with FinlandPUSSYBASHERS

+ plenty of other achievements not worth mentioning

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