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image: Dianna-Agron
Croatiacoolestcroatevah you are is my idol
The sky is falling, the wind is calling, stand for something or die in the morning.

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Current Team

image: nl National 0wners
#et.tourney 4th division

image: cz for a piano 6on6

United Kingdom Inglorious bastards 5on5
CB OC 2010 4th Division,

image: etWolf:ET Ex-Teams]
image: game_etNetherlandsDraakjes 5on5
image: game_etEuropeWCTNCTCPI 5on5CiC7
image: game_etEuropeRAZZIA 6on6
image: game_etNetherlandsPrefix Gaming 5on5
image: game_rtcwUnited KingdomNormality RtCW
image: game_etEuropeSplendid 6on6
image: game_etCataloniaReplicant 6on6
image: game_etNetherlandsone2many 3on3
image: game_etPoland1st Cav
image: game_etEuropeiNfusion 6on6
image: game_etBeneluxS6nse 6on6
image: game_etUnited KingdomIntense 6on6

image: cod4ach_2CoD4 Ex-Teams
+Some CB mix teams
image: cod4BeneluxMztake-v2
image: cod4NetherlandsaDult-Gaming 5o5
image: cod4BeneluxMztake-Prefix
image: cod4EuropePhys1x-Gaming
CoD4 config:

Special Team And A Community
image: game_etNetherlandsSaiko 5on5
Netherlands Infernal s a i k o
Netherlands Ironic s a i k o
Netherlands Tw1zZt s a i k o
Netherlands Jakez s a i k o
Netherlands PmBb s a i k o
Netherlands Banaan s a i k o
Netherlands FrK s a i k o
Participated in: Clanbase Open Cup 5o5 2010(3rd div, got to playoffs), Clanbase:Summer Cup 5o5 2010(6th div, didnt played a single match due to bad adminning)/AEF(Did not end last!)

Netherlands Otyg Reallife mate who introduced me to ET
Netherlands Adeto One of my best ETbuddys, learned alot from him
Netherlands trick/Jake most chilled out dude I've met so far, also my favorite teammate
Netherlands Frenky For being my dreri and an O.G.
Netherlands Tw1zZt For being the funniest and retarded guy I know and for being my best e-buddy
Netherlands TriFlip Good manager is good! Thanks for the great support and fun at CiC7 and AEF!
Netherlands Noname/Tny For being my mentor in CoD4, together to the top Mztake style babeh!
Netherlands Creaji For being my white black buddy and my teammate in every game I play <3
Netherlands Thunderrr For rolling 3o3's with me and being awesome
Portugal Void Ricardo, the beardman! Awesome guy :)!
United Kingdom Ethr One of the smartest and coolest dudes I know
United States of America iPod For being a really cool guy and one of the few not retarded Americans around! Good player and he's a beast ^^ Also the best GIF poster on this site! Much brolove


Contact Meh
image: barlogo/q ironicc (or `irOFFnic) at #crossfire or #devastation
image: ironicehAdd ironiceh

Logos That I Made
PM me if you want me to make one aswell.

Online Gameboy Color Emulator with a shitload of games!:$@2/



Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Achievements[/u]
Justhead 5v5 Cup --> Netherlandssaiko
Clanbase OpenCup 2010 5v5 4th Division --> United KingdomInglorious bastards
Obvious-Gaming 3v3 --> NetherlandsTje (Domi, Thunder, Ironic)
Clanbase Opencup 2009 6v65th Division --> EuropeRAZZIA*
Frag4Fun 3v3 Cup --> NetherlandssQinN,NetherlandsTny
Talentejjj 3v3 Cup --> EuropeTvL.Gossip
Supercup 5v5 --> NetherlandsPrefix
#et.6on6.cup #1 --> EuropeintensiveNoobs
#et.tourney - 6on6 -->Netherlands national 0wners
#33At CiC7 --> EuropeWCTNCTCPI
#? at AEF --> Netherlandssaiko
CPUIntel Core2 Quad
MotherboardACPI x64
Memory4,00 GB
StorageHigh Definition?
GraphicsNvidia GeForce G210
SoundRealtek High Definition Audio
Operating SystemWindows7
MonitorPhilips 170B
KeyboardPackard Bell
MouseSteelseries Xai
MousepadSteelseries QCK+
HeadsetSteelseries Siberia V2 White