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Greece Playmate
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Greece Playmate
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Lower Saxony legato

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Netherlands 7ele
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Netherlands Enigma
Netherlands 7ele
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Finland Demz0r
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Finland Sebastian

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unpatched.et v2.0
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Netherlands 7ele
Croatia suVi
Netherlands Ati_
Croatia rimi
Belgium Jere
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unpatched.et v1.0
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Netherlands 7ele
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Canada fAuxx

Netherlands Henk
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Nauru Velmu
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Netherlands Enigma
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Netherlands Nick
Netherlands Ricky
Netherlands Shaggy
Israel Spud
Finland Terva
United Kingdom Tricky
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United Kingdom Windowlicker
Belgium Tyson

Netherlands auth`juA: is kim in girlsonly channel?
Netherlands Wolfetenigma: off
Netherlands Wolfetenigma: hoezo
Netherlands auth`juA: nvm
Netherlands Wolfetenigma: wat dan:)
Netherlands auth`juA: ik ben gebanned
Netherlands auth`juA: daar
Netherlands auth`juA: zij moet me unbanne
Netherlands Wolfetenigma: lol waarom
Netherlands Wolfetenigma: disrespect?:D
Netherlands auth`juA: omdat ik die evilyn uitschold
Netherlands Wolfetenigma: verrassend
Netherlands auth`juA: xD

Croatia suVi #cortana: srsly u can get a good free mic for 4 euros

suVi @ Baserace while we need a 10th
Croatia suVi: Yes Ati_ is playing! We're winning!

Netherlands Nigeroooooo: lol wat lul je ik heb je gebast traxx tgen jou team
Netherlands Nigeroooooo: lol ik ben beter dan jou

Netherlands[19:46] Enigma: so u gotta prac at 20 cet?
United Kingdom [19:46] i.QPAD. Potty: nah in 15 mins
Netherlands [19:46] Enigma: thats 20 cet
Netherlands [19:46] Enigma: gj
United Kingdom [19:46] i.QPAD. Potty: haha

Netherlands S'Agapo Mott4 #Plasa.et: cus6

Netherlands Enigma: kijk maar bij wie is online
Netherlands Enigma: daar staat admins; Enigma, 7ele
Netherlands Enigma: dat bedoel ik
Netherlands 7ele: hahahah
Netherlands 7ele: koning
Netherlands 7ele: zie het systeem bepaalt zelf wel wie hier de echte admin is
Netherlands Enigma: XD
Netherlands 7ele: natural admin detection system
Netherlands 7ele: xD
Netherlands Enigma: idd
Netherlands Enigma: ik sta ook onder kopjes admin
Netherlands Enigma: ;DXD
Netherlands 7ele: ja omdat je jezelf admin heb gezet
Netherlands 7ele: maar ik ben geen admin
Netherlands 7ele: en toch ben ik wel admin
Netherlands 7ele: omdat ik koning ben
Netherlands 7ele: :DDDDD
Netherlands Enigma: eigenlk zal het zijn omdat ik je toen lvl 3 heb gezet @ server
Netherlands 7ele: dat kan ook

Netherlands @imPluX`› back
Netherlands imPluX` is now known as imPluX`OFF

Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: ey, wie zegt er wat je skill op ETPro is :P ?
Netherlands Enigma: een of andere 100 jarige ET speler, nadat je hem een schaap offert
Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: ne ff serieus waarop wordt dat gebaseerd..
Netherlands Enigma: dat was serieus...
Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: O.o
Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: O.o
Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: O.o
Netherlands <This user is now playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory>
Netherlands <This user stopped playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory>
Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: nu net Tzac gedownload :P
Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: naja gtg
Netherlands .EA#L!fe*EnG: ik moet naar school O.o
Netherlands Enigma: succes!
Netherlands Enigma: may the force be with you!
Netherlands <Deze gebruiker is momenteel Offline>

image: mirc2 = gtv`Enigma or gtv`Enigma`OFF



CG EU ET Season 1: 6on6 with EuropeFollow.et
ET SW 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2012 5th division with United KingdomTeamKeen
NationsCup 2.55 2010 with Netherlands The Netherlands
CB BaseraceCup 10vs10 with Europe#baserace.et
Onedaycup .55 Season #4 with Europe LOLHEADS
The Best Wins Onedaycup Season #10 with Greece S'agapo
Frag Cup 2.55+ with Europeunpatched.et
Easy Company Cup IV with Europeunpatched.et / #baserace.et
Easy Company Cup V with Europeunpatched.et / #baserace.et

RTCW NationsCup with Netherlands The Netherlands
iA Cup 3on3
CG EU ET Season 1: 3on3 with EuropeFollow.et

Wolfcup .55 with Europe Pttje
Clanbase OpenCup Premier League with NetherlandsPluspunt.et

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