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Fly like a butterfly ,, sting like a bee!

Currently playing for:


Belgium rAt (med/2nd eng)
Belgium NawoR (med)
Netherlands nueVa (eng)
Europe tba (allround)
Europe tba (fop)
Europe tba (rifle)

backups Europe tba , Europe tba
Contact : Irc : #tba

Quote by Butchji<butch`> 3on3 high
<butch`> 3on3 ffs any skill!

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Quote by xEI defence|xeiroy: im high on rtcw and et is same gameplay ;D (he got busted atleast 4 times with Etbot)

Quote by Skeit34
zeroE-Skeit34 Was Killed By s6nse kAOS GAMiNG
zeroE-Skeit34: UNHIT
zeroE-Skeit34 disconnected

Quote by Carnage
Carnage: xDay kaos is mega cheater


EuropeLeague (with Europe eZbh)
CarnageCup (with Europe Age)
3o3 DM Cup (with Europe eVADE)
BattleLeague 3 (with Europe nC)
FC High Speed Tourney (with Europe eZbh)
OnedayCup with (with Europe Team West)
OneDotZero League (with Europe eZbh)
Rtcw nationscup with (with Belgium Team BE)
3v3 Dm cup (with Europe sA)

CPUAmd Athlon @ 1.86 Ghz
MotherboardASRock K7S8X
Memory1.5 GB DDR1
GraphicsATI Radeon X1030
SoundOnboard :XD
Operating SystemWindows XP Home Edition SP2
MonitorOctigen 17'' OTG II TFT-LCD Monitor (16ms)
KeyboardLogitech Default
MouseLogitech G5 Blue Edition
MousepadSteelSeries S&S
ConnectionTelenet Expressnet !