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< It's okay If you dont like me, not everyone got good taste >

Webe: I wolfcammed the demos
Webe: He is 100% wallhacking
'xD Sebhes,: man
'xD Sebhes,: you lost that duel with wh
'xD Sebhes,: u fking cheater
w1lko is b2k: XDDDD
w1lko is b2k: online hero
w1lko is b2k: that wh is obvious
TAG|raven:o)))))): Nice preshoot bruh :)
Nugis: just better than reload and lettu np4him
StrAf: whatever thnaks for the cup,but the orange boy was obvious and no name :]
promen: how many headshots from nade? :x
promen: you have obvious wh
FIN|Statti: You have WH
ENSAM: i know you cheated, you know you cheated
Speedy-Bozar: just stfu, ur a random lagging hacker loving piece of crap... -.-
Suuhkk: yo
Suuhkk: 3ON3?
eC4`Overschie: y0 etb0t
eC4`Overschie: !
eC4`Overschie: i play with a cheater too
eC4`Overschie: so np
HIGHBOTCRIATURA: zero to hero with your bot
bSTURZ|myth6s: fucking random with your hax
z3R0!: plz
z3R0!: hurensohn
slajdan: fucking laging ETbot kiddie
mAus: what the fuck
constan: :))))
eron: wtf???
r1sk : ?????
GizmOoO: hope he shoots like this at LAN
GizmOoO: humanized aimbot
kAPOT: that was not clean
SkyLine: hope your aim will last till LAN :))
RONG: cba playing against blatent waller
Shady: wtf??
Aniky: Simon you are too weird to belive
mouSs: sure mate
swanidius: CU LAN
shjzn: you are so fake man
 «Domi`» Your skillboost from jaymod gays to ETpro players in 1 round? =D
pM/jago: lold at that jogur7 guy, aiming on the head when the opponent is in the truck and you can't even hit + MORE OBVIOUS.
ovr-rasloV: ambaal nice hacks
pM/jago: well hacked:P
Krosan: so u have palehook??
clouver: you just have nice haxes
RESO: you gotta be kidding, obvious shit and retarded player
siN`GrB: ah nice found you magic button
FrosKjee: The leena with 55% accuracy
`JiJi: yo I playe with wallhack and I think I am highskiller
[olBaa]: you mean haxlikeskilled? / don't tell #lotte guys ??
Jimrinho: ban him please
INSTi: inb4 killerboy jizzing all over this journal / Why isn't he banned yet?
nEstiiiiii: =DDDDD  2much obvious
Muhhvi: ban this fucking retard already
ESL/FoaMeA: Second selfbust of the year?
Krosan: You are so obvious
w1lko: fucking retard with wallhack
Swanidius: random hacker/with bots they are most likely/nappo pohjaan botti ohjaa
furman: lol pls ... nice skrypt
flR: aren't you the high aimvalue settings using guy?
siimoo: why u can't just stfu,nerd. It was so clear that u cheated. Go atleast fuck ur mum
LORDII: nice u got 40 maxpackets on your pH(paleHook)
vAxjee: k sure, you are high?
cp/respi: 3o3 med no serv no randoms like a mihkel 3hs only -,-
Uniq`: you're idling in 3on3 / 2on2 and some random bullshit called crow, know where we are all the time and put like 100 hs a map, in situations, even mystic wouldnt.
Edgar: obvious shit is obvious


We do go to the gym and are cool guys to hang out with. if you have a powerbelly its also ok. thank you.
And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it