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Enemy Territory

Currently playing for:
Europe exorcists aka alliancze
Czech Republic ElANiUS (c)
Czech Republic mnewcko
Czech Republic crAsh
Czech Republic PW3CKA
France Snatix
Netherlands Ironic
Hungary karrde
Slovenia immoo

ex - clans:
Czech Republic exorcists
Czech Republic ElANiUS (c)
Czech Republic mnewcko
Czech Republic crAsh
Czech Republic Sklamak
Czech Republic TRAKTOR
Czech Republic CYPIS
Czech Republic aDa

Europe Team ECK
Belgium vyPer (c)
France Judu
Poland mXm
Czech Republic ElANiUS
Germany Soises
Netherlands Tomas
Poland Efreet
Poland GrimReaper

Europe Sixty Eight
Czech Republic Wolf (c)
Czech Republic Sklamak
Czech Republic ElANiUS
Estonia Easr
Finland panukkaki
Netherlands Lexus

EuropesAs Gaming
Ireland Rexjee (c)
Ireland Chunkjee
Netherlands Tomoslav
Czech Republic ElANiUS
France Bacardi
Belgium Jami
Finland Syntexi


in 3on3 ZERO.E OneDayCup 2010 with czechtards - fRAGGER, ElANiUS, Charlieeezed
in 5on5 ESL Fall Cup 2010 with exorcists - mnewcko, crAsh, ElANiUS, Sklamak, TRAKTOR
in 5on5 Euroskill Pre-Xmas Cup 2011 with exorcists - mnewcko, ElANiUS, crAsh, Sklamak, TRAKTOR, CYPIS

in 5on5 #CZET CUP #8 2010 with crAsh's team - crAsh, ElANiUS, Sklamak, Paradox, RauZzik
in 5on5 ESL RoG City Cup 2010 with Brno - Green_Clon, ElANiUS, malfoy, HuuHuu, ZajaC
in 3on3 Exitium OneDayCup 2010 with exorcists - crAsh, ElANiUS, TRAKTOR
in 5on5 CB OC 2011 3rd div. with exorcists - Sklamak, crAsh, ElANiUS, mnewcko, TRAKTOR, CYPIS

in CZ&SK W:ET Awards 2011 - Most underrated player
in 3on3 ESL Summer Cup 2010 3rd div. with exorcists - crAsh, ElANiUS, mnewcko

CPUIntel® Core 2 Duo CPU 4400 @ 2.00GHz
Memory2 GB
Storage300 GB
GraphicsATI 512 MB
Operating SystemWindows XP Proffesional
MonitorSamsung 22' Widescreen
KeyboardLogitech G15
MouseRazer DeathAdder
MousepadRazer eXactMatXspeed
HeadsetGenius Headset USB