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Oh...[/h2]]image: oh-my-word
image: oh_you
image: oh-snap-u-got-da-aids
image: oh_hai
image: ohnoes
image: 1225469567586

FU![/h2]]image: Fuck_You,_I'm_an_Anteater
image: 128838506809454344
image: fuck-you-i-am-cat
image: 8eb54df8b8de92d6a715166415ee9e0b

Quotes[/h3]]«22:14:44» {@sani} stupid finns
«22:14:50» {@sani} are in fucking every team

<hqkk> töö ei riku meest!
<hqkk> aga torumehe abiline on suht mark ikkagi :D

«19:52:29» {@hqkk} same shit different channel

[mistec] ma olen 1.87 ja ~80kb
[mistec] kakleme
[vimm] kilobaittti v
[dasset] irw mistec
[dasset] kohe näha et nolifer

(@PriitM) nigers are red, nigers are blue, if you open up photoshop and fuck with the hue

couragewolf:"You're better than god - He had to rest"

couragewolf:"Don't start fights - Finish them"

couragewolf:"Drink petroleum - Piss napalm"

«16:57:11» {+Urjuhh} Fun fact: the highest air temperature ever recorded on this day was +3980°C. Set in Hiroshima, Japan on year 1945.

«20:15:59» {@Tutor} NinjaBoomer asked: is fishbot a spy
«20:15:59» {@Tutor} GeO answers: this is of course an urban legend, fishbot is only a fun bot

«23:05:53» {@sani} dont quote me

«19:10:24» {@sani} and I had to do it with two cute girls


CPUDualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 3.00GHz
MotherboardGigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L
Memory3.5 GB
GraphicsATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB
SoundRealtek HD
Operating SystemWindows XP
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 2043BW
KeyboardLogitech UltraX
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadRazer exactMat control side
HeadsetDefender HN898