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3on3 achievements:

Netherlands ,=- : #nubsWithin cup #8 3on3 Cup (nickeR,Ney, TJumba)
Netherlands heroes: #multiplegaming 3on3 Cup (nickeR,prego,Ney, TJumba)
Turkey jesus: Infinity Cup 3on3 v4 (nickeR,Ney,sHaKy, TJumba)
Netherlands jesus: charism - 3v3 cup (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)
Netherlands jesus: LP2.cup #4 (nickeR,prego,TJumba)
Netherlands jesus: Infinity Cup 3on3 v3 (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)
Finland mitaä kuuluu?: Volume Lugercup v3 (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)
Benelux uGaming: Volume Lugercup v2 (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)
Europe ballstick: mYrmidons 3o3 cup #2 (nickeR,Ney,TJumba)
Netherlands flevoboys: nubsWithin 3v3 Cup #4 (nickeR,vile,Ney)
Netherlands heroes: #smalllugercup (nickeR,Ney,TJumba)
Netherlands heroes: Detonationxl Pistolcup (nickeR,TJumba,prego)
Netherlands jesus: friendscup 3on3 (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)
Netherlands jesus: #tac2 3on3 cup v2 (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)

6on6 achievements:[/u]

Netherlands heroes: Clanbase 6on6 OpenCup Spring 08 Group C
Indonesia perang: Perang Gaming 6v6 cup #1
Netherlands heroes: Clanbase 6on6 OpenCup Spring 08 5th Division
Netherlands heroes: Freshcore One Day Cup 6v6

Knifecup achievements:[/b]

Anonymous Mooiboys:Flugel Knifecup (NICK,THOM,SJORS, MENNO)
Anonymous gladde boys: #6 (nickeR,prego,TJumba,Ney)
Netherlands heroes: Unlimited Knifecup (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)
Benelux uGaming: Costa's Knifecup (nickeR,TJumba,Ney)
Netherlands heroes: #smallknifecup v2 (nickeR,prego,TJumba)
Netherlands heroes: #Palmboom Knifecup (nickeR,sjhozda,Ney,TJumba)
Netherlands heroes: #smallknifecup v1 (nickeR,sjhozda,TJumba)
Netherlands LICHTJEs: Volume KnifeCup v1 (nickeR,prego,Ney,TJumba)
Anonymous Mooiboys: Mentiz Knife Cup (nickeR,prego,sjhozda,TJumba)