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Chumbawamba: well lol do me favor say signum that he is backup boy and now i took his place i really wanna se his reactions and after that say you got punkd from chumba or smth
asdagafdag: xD
asdagafdag: oke
Chumbawamba: and copy his text pls
asdagafdag: [00:29] asdagafdag: btw
[00:29] signum: yes
[00:29] asdagafdag: i hope u wont take this personal but since chumba joined he will be replacing u at lineup since he is much more louder than u and his obj brain is out of the level of ours
[00:30] asdagafdag: but u still be first backup
[00:30] asdagafdag: i hope u wont hate me
[00:30] signum: lolwut?
[00:30] asdagafdag: what?
asdagafdag: no answer
asdagafdag: wtf
asdagafdag: [00:31] signum: pretty stupid to change me for a guy who dosent either brain or aim better than me and who i suggested for backup
asdagafdag: :D
Chumbawamba: rofl
asdagafdag: should i say that it was just a joke
Chumbawamba: he will start crying lol
asdagafdag: before he hang himself
Chumbawamba: no dont say it yet
Chumbawamba: rofl
Chumbawamba: hahahah
[00:32] asdagafdag: but really u know botti
[00:32] asdagafdag: u will still get matches to play on
[00:33] signum: wutever u say
[00:33] asdagafdag: but please dont hate me
asdagafdag: i wonder when he logs out and start rage
Chumbawamba: k lol now say you got punkd from chumba
Chumbawamba: its stylish
Chumbawamba: like aston kutcher
00:33] asdagafdag: oh btw
[00:33] asdagafdag: one more thing
[00:33] asdagafdag: u got punkd by chumba
[00:33] asdagafdag: :DDD
[00:33] signum: VITTU
[00:33] asdagafdag: xD
[00:34] signum: i was dieing over here
[00:34] signum: omg
asdagafdag: :D
Chumbawamba: haha


Chumbawamba: noni ära ytle et sa e tea mis on g-punkt
Chumbawamba: ise ju selline naiste mees mängid võrkpalli lausa
signum: no ma pole naine ma ei peagi tedma
signum: teadma
Chumbawamba: ehm uuringute kohaselt on meestel kah g-punkt ehk sul kah
Chumbawamba: delfist lugesin
signum: :D
signum: kao perse
Chumbawamba: ni et topi näpp endale perse kui tunned mõnu said pihta