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Clan history:
[Dec 2004 - Feb 2005] gAc (Yerman Alpha Commando)
[Feb 2005 - May 2005] bR (BloodRage (gAc.et joined bR))
[May 2005 - Aug 2006] /M/ (Team-MonaD)
[Aug 2006 - Jan 2007] FEB (Fluffy Evil Bunnies (/M/ joined FEB))
[Jan 2007 - ???] /M/ (Team-MonaD)

Played ET for the first time august 2004, and got hooked right away. I was known as Dodraug1 on the server BAT5, and was later asked to join gAc, the pwnerers on BAT5. I then decided to change my nick to |Olly|, because that was my nickname in the military, and i thought it would be easier to pronounce for the yermans. I had a lot of fun with them, but it didn't really go anywhere, so after a while I started playing some 3on3 with Mielll and Infinitive. I met them on BAT5, cause xs4all was down or something so they played on another server during that time. We played for a few weeks before deciding to form a clan. Shortly thereafter Chuckie (now danYel) joined us. We've sticked together since that, through ups and downs, fortunately most ups. In august 2006 we joined the UT clan FEB, for sponsorship etc. However, after failing to provide us with game server etc, we decided to leave and take back our old name Team-MonaD. Unfortunately, Team-MonaD never really kicked off again, and we've been inactive since we took back the name.


CPUPC: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+. Server: AMD Athlon 3000+
MemoryPC: 2xOCZ DDR2 1024MB Gold Dual Channel (2048MB in total). Server: Some TwinMOS stuff. Also 2048MB.
StoragePC: 1x200GB + 1x36GB. Server: 2x320GB + 4x250GB + 3x500GB + 1x1TB
GraphicsPC: Nvidia GeForce 7950GX2. Server: ATI Radeon 9800XT
Operating SystemPC: Vista Ultimate. Server: XP Pro
MonitorPC: ASUS MW221u. Server: Hitachi CM828ET-IMG
KeyboardPC: Logitech DiNovo. Server: Logitech Internet Navigator SE
MousePC: Logitech MX Revolution. Server: Logitech MX1000
MousepadSteelpad S&S
HeadsetKoss SB45
ConnectionSome dsl crap.