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image: cbico ClanBase Cheat and Abuse Enemy Territory Supervisor
image: cbico ClanBase Ladder and Cup supervisor

ECC tournaments admin
managed numerous ODCs

Current team

Ex teams
Czech Republic
» Czech Republic A't4Mj
» Czech Republic A'desitka
» Czech Republic A'tezaXo
» Czech Republic A'j3ykobim
» Czech Republic A'madua
» Czech Republic A'sklamak
» Czech Republic A'caybro

Czech Republic
» Czech Republic iabg. t4Mj
» Czech Republic iabg. desitka
» Czech Republic iabg. tezaXo
» Czech Republic iabg. mnew
» Czech Republic iabg. madua
» Czech Republic iabg. darius

» Canada pw5 ~ reshep
» Czech Republic pw5 ~ t4Mj
» Netherlands pw5 ~ phesje
» Greece pw5 ~ Immortal
» France pw5 ~ COJIINE
» Finland pw5 ~ kotz
» Finland pw5 ~ islice
» Romania pw5 ~ lover

» Austria DreaM|Gali
» Czech Republic DreaM|ShiSha
» Germany DreaM|pSiquh
» Czech Republic DreaM|t4Mj
» France DreaM|sword
» Netherlands DreaM|adeto

» United Kingdom supski/fumble
» Czech Republic supski/tAMj
» Netherlands supski/IceQ
» United Kingdom supski/Clarkee
» Canada supski/rito
» Europe and many others i dont remember:D

» Poland dECERTO / mikEHh
» Czech Republic dECERTO / t4Mj
» Netherlands dECERTO / KoRaL
» France dECERTO / uZEH
» Netherlands dECERTO /Abzes
» Netherlands dECERTO / Excite
» Finland dECERTO / t0psu

Czech Republic
» Czech Republic doG]tAMj
» Czech Republic doG]malfoy
» Czech Republic doG]caybro
» Slovakia doG]Filus
» Czech Republic doG]charliee
» Czech Republic doG]atom
» Czech Republic doG]rednoss
» Czech Republic doG]Androy
» Czech Republic doG]Wizrox

Czech Republic
» Czech Republic cze't4Mj (c)
» Czech Republic cze'denton
» Czech Republic cze'jalo
» Czech Republic cze'Green_Clon
» Czech Republic cze'malfoy
» Czech Republic cze'milhAus

» France follow.Francis
» Poland follow.rafek
» Czech Republic follow.tAMjee
» Czech Republic follow.mnew
» Belgium follow.iGlooW
» Belgium follow.Homar

image: pl [!]voiler: fu unhit
image: pl [!]voiler: cu @ CC !

image: be iGlooW: cheat or pro

image: eu STRONG ggggg BOW: tyamjee
image: eu STRONG ggggg BOW: turn it off

image: eu BUMEL: nice wh

image: nl wra1th: where are your hitboxes..
image: nl wra1th: your worse than fuking kartez

image: eu ROMs: why u are sure
image: eu ROMs: u have wh
image: eu ROMs: GET HIIITTT

image: nl pds: be happy ur even in the same teamspeak as me
image: nl pds not many people get that privilege

image: be Masterser1es_: u cheat

archiminikleopotoczerepetekiewiczan: tamje get hit :*

image: pl grabjee.: hahah
image: pl grabjee.: get wh off
image: pl grabjee.: random rifle trick and perfect acc

image: de traGISCHSPIeler.: tamjee get name

image: be wVL <o/ mxms: tamje wh :)

image: fi dTEC7: unhit

image: fi t0psu: what a fuckin unhit!

image: fr >dEspEr<: tamjee
image: fr >dEspEr<: gg wh :)

image: is Deztro: srsly tamjee u are unhit :(

image: de violy: nice shot

Quoteimage: fr francis
(01:22:32) <Le`Francis`afk> come to my house with rafek and sponge
(01:22:36) <Le`Francis`afk> i mean in my bunker
(01:22:38) <tAMjee> :D:D
(01:22:43) <tAMjee> nuclear bunker?
(01:22:47) <Le`Francis`afk> yes
(01:22:54) <tAMjee> :{D
(01:22:54) <Le`Francis`afk> protected from EVERY attacks
(01:23:08) <Le`Francis`afk> even ben laden can hide here and not be killed

Quoteimage: be wVL <o/ mxms
wVL <o/ mxms: everytime i was in east tower, when u spawned
wVL <o/ mxms: u hit the east tower
wVL <o/ mxms: retard
wVL <o/ mxms: hide it


image: searchtommy

image: labels=0

image: 1ae0e28dd54fe89909b2d46509b359b7.800x600
image: 47565_105756236151857_679420_n
image: 68707_10151206758798447_831057206_n
image: 576538_10151198351363447_1084472321_n
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image: 408435_294500617262349_415615330_n
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image: 523323_397694953596196_942489331_n
image: 0415451bb96d9619707d5bfec5468e92.800x600
image: e0bc9cea9e6c94b77a4c568ee35f6fa4.800x600
image: 2db5988df4b101c37ca0d1d3cb3cb411.800x600
image: 562b7a6f1dba8f1639f680c30311b25b.800x600
image: 854d38c007286666d292f763bd44d677.800x600
image: 8088d177436c0b905d5593d3d5c46b22.800x600
image: 909694bd7241ae80c06d7db806071bcf.800x600
image: adfb33dae296ed1e7c1dec17153b7bb1.800x600
image: 72087eec6784f87cb1003bbc19fadff3.800x600
image: 42e6f725d0054f3a39a28c575d42c251.800x600
image: 2dc5aa6bf714dd6eb98f09dd5c61a2db.800x600
image: c5f361b194fed296ed3c2940b15d0257.800x600
image: 4586b3379c6c798fe1d8105d9c24492a.800x600
image: 1d8e021e99e980d22f1cd09ff72734c1.800x600
image: ae5b3206c05d763125a4f1b83a0d15f2.800x600
image: 91e3a279f34c7ad14be28d9b0c325ef7.800x600
image: bf71af3a3c03bac522de02c4b9adf263.800x600
image: 49314cb81c3c2b4b9ff976bf02af8caa.800x600
image: 23cdb08be3a63ce586e0a9fc174aa021.800x600
image: bc519000f4fb8161428171c93dfceb50.800x600
image: 229afc6d429b5c265da9708576bcf63b.800x600
image: 9d291bb54454fb228cd787cb7e995241.800x600
image: afbf1599e898953fdf42a78bc8b67ecc.800x600
image: f58b363fc8e1d2e2de30b21114045974.800x600
image: 6929cdf1995f93f27126e2e09afcabe8.800x600
image: b5ccc9efe63ede711af5a7aa65897673.800x600
image: 4f16bd1d332f5d54b08a121dd484523d.800x600
image: 923b22704c663b82291b7547080829a6.800x600
image: 3bbcd278d71391a01b02e327b8ea1d75.800x600
image: 578a426a25b1f3f0c9b40ab41d3409a5.800x600
image: ae42fffd254fc616b557020cd30aceb0.800x600
image: 70d60e24d8fd5b7a1dcd7a5a9a115ad0.800x600
image: 6c67797eaa0ff34bf0ec449af3ca6121.800x600
image: f275ba5e614ce5bab118483a00603416.800x600
image: 60e2adcd4d254cccb864d75c1916d14a.800x600
image: e33d043f82b4573670025cb3b1024c98.800x600
image: 711eab597ec5d406d1e85451a60f608d.800x600
image: 71895a36466308f399163eea669566e7.800x600
image: 43cb8c9be0944009b3330d5b5b30f2e3.800x600
image: e00995056ce5f71c0da33d4a40582974.800x600
image: 3897bff92f3a8b33cc795a9f18d5c776.800x600
image: b6ec13a449e373b6fcc94aa40ce0b797.800x600
image: 6d4fbf1265e71346263d86fffd1a9f66.800x600
image: d63b62f90c0fa7404a2568457f312ae6.800x600
image: 7034ea40a4bcfa8c2f1298545765960e.800x600


() ClanBase5on5 OpenCup Spring 2011 5th league with DogSoldiers
() #et.tourney 5th league with iabg
() Grunex Cup with bROdWAy
()ATLANTIS Christmas Cup with DogSoldiers
() ClanBase 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2011 3rd League with Play With Soul
() ClanBase 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2012 5th League with iabg
() ESL 6on6 Spring Cup'12 #5 League with iabg
() ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2012 4# League with iabg
(4th) #CZET CUP VIII with Wolume's team

() Turned Belgium iGlooW from hardcore metal to dubstep
CPUIntel® Core™ i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
MotherboardASUSTeK Computer Inc. G73Jh mainboard / Intel Ibex Peak-M HM55, Intel Clarksfield
Memory6GB @ 1600
GraphicsATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series (1GB), 1600x900x32, 60Hz
SoundRealtek ALC269 @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH / ATI Radeon HDMI @ ATI Juniper/Broadway/Granville
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1) 64-bit
KeyboardLaptop SteelSeries
MouseLogitech G400 / Razer Deathadder
MousepadSteelSeries QCK+
HeadsetLogitech G430