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Current Team (2012)[/u]

Netherlands yNkk
Greece Immortal
Czech Republic t4Mje
Poland desi


~ Europe6STARS[/b]]

Netherlands yNkk
Netherlands Woody
Belgium Appel
United Kingdom SjMX
United Kingdom hstE
Greece Immortal

~ Europe0E Play With Soul[/b]]

Netherlands yNkk
Canada reshep
Romania Lover
Poland ug
Greece immortal
Poland moLy

~ Europezoniac eSports v1[/b]]

Netherlandszoniac. yNkk
Netherlandszoniac. aapje
Belgiumzoniac. eden
Hungaryzoniac. dexter
Czech Republiczoniac. Rifleman

Netherlandszoniac. motif
Netherlandszoniac. foxyb0t
Netherlandszoniac. L4mpje

~ Spirit.]

Netherlandsspirit. yNkk
Netherlandsspirit. Trixor
Netherlandsspirit. aapje
Belgiumspirit. Stiino
Belgiumspirit. Hoar
Belgiumspirit. brAd
Belgiumspirit. sLLji
Belgiumspirit. eron

~ NetherlandsPrefix-Gaming]

NetherlandsPrefix. yNkk
NetherlandsPrefix. aapje
NetherlandsPrefix. Ironic
NetherlandsPrefix. Bassie
NetherlandsPrefix. Mlo
NetherlandsPrefix. duveL

~ EuropeverSatile]

NetherlandsverS x yNkk
NetherlandsverS x queRy
GermanyverS x leAn
United KingdomverS x reAlize
United KingdomverS x DeMenTeD

~ EuropeZero Empathy]

NetherlandszeroE yNkk
NetherlandszeroE Reality
United KingdomzeroE Tricky
FinlandzeroE Velmu
United KingdomzeroE Est


CPUHP Pavillion p6340nl
GraphicsAti HD Radeon
Operating SystemWindows 7
MonitorLG LCD
KeyboardAlienware TactX Keyboard
MouseLogitech G500
MousepadQpad Blue/Black
HeadsetSteelseries Siberia Orange
ConnectionKPN Glasvezel