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<cdapCup|4liveji> ofc
<cdapCup|4liveji> gtfo
<cdapCup|4liveji> FUCK YOU
<cdapCup|4liveji> demos
<cdapCup|4liveji> poltard

cor,adENII: hi hackerkid
cor,adENII: cmon get a 6th. Don't you guys have a list who's online at netcoders?
cor,adENII: you got the cracked version?

<ridji> _adi
<ridji> 3on3?
<_adi> no cheaters

nSensbamZe: polske luderunge?

bizzy - epic: ridji you are a polak and i give you izi headshots:D

<saeba> 3on3 ridji skill our

[23:05] <ridji> mamaa
[23:05] <ridji> im avi:]
[23:05] <mamaa> butchji ?
[23:05] <ridji> xd
[23:05] <mamaa> sorry but rise said u are a hacker
[23:05] <mamaa> not interested

(@miNd) ridji = stupid nerd
(@miNd) + shit homo

Team-AoW Bl4d3: ridji got more ego like B.A from A-Team!

BobAx:'): wh?

<re-play|boski> need et merc (3on3)
<ridji`> ja moge zagrac
<re-play|boski> nie,bo usuneles nie z buddy list

cor,calisto: we yawned u an hour ago
cor,calisto: which made us wonder
cor,calisto: who the fuck is this guy
cor,calisto: that makes 20hs, after 3:30 mins of sd

sFx|chizz6l: FUCKING POLAK

criatura taskforceX: ye
criatura taskforceX: dont die
criatura taskforceX: judas

dUCKda&isycovER: yeah sure

elvz: lulz

8b1ts.eronboy =]#FiF: MONGOOL

8b1ts{ eron FiF: Daarjuist knal je zo scheef als wat ridji

<FaKy> 3on3 HIGH we pwn everbody now! NO RANDOMS!
Player - kicked

fede: n1 hax

<nSens`fisken> HAhahahah ridji you fucking dickhead :XD

HIGHBOTFRIZAR: det klasse!

nSensfrizer: ok
nSensfrizer: RANDOM GUESS

<gewitter> you are cheater

teaMx! jago: scheiss polen

JeffrAy cc6: bye:D
JeffrAy cc6: cheaters!


Jeroen: More lotto pl0x

acc|JOSHUA>:/: cheaterlover

jredl: sure

JyrkZ: cheats on :D
JyrkZ: nice bot
JyrkZ: i have to admin that u have nice aimbot

<JyrkZ> ban frazier`, noob cheetah

LEKKERSTE b4ndung: nice wallhack

letku.: ridji high with hax


RODCAd lio: ridji, from zero to hero on IRC

alvi spajdizZ: sure
alvi spajdizZ: ridji

mAus - epic: get heads lol =s

<M3RC> need merc to 3o3 / know me or mystic

fra-mirage: damn cheater
fra-mirage disconnected

miZu*RETROTARDS: fucking
miZu*RETROTARDS: hurensohn

unplgd muffsor: NIGGER

murso: u suck

mxr = nowhine rly: (private to'ridji')my dogs name is ridji btw

N1ck_V: ja kanker hacker

nolovenofriend: n1 knowing

kKk{ olBaa: sure

<dutch`ovrSchiej> ridji`8D
<dutch`ovrSchiej> i didnt know u cheat :D

undutchable.ovEEEr: ridji
undutchable.ovEEEr: u went from low+ to med+ in 2 days?

undutchable.ovEEEr: ridji
undutchable.ovEEEr: out your fucking recoil back on
undutchable.ovEEEr: its easy to see when ur not playing with recoil..

ovrschijiiii:XDD: ridji, u mind turning it off and playing with skill?

ovrschijiii:XDD: nooblet gettin owned with cheatzzz!Z!Z!Z!
emotard: im using rifle!
ovrschijiii:XDD: but u also have ridji! i lold!
emotard: ridji is next TEAM RELAND PLAYER
ovrschijiii:XDD: TEAM GER IMO

ovrschijiii:XDD: ridji is so lol
ovrschijiii:XDD: :D

ovrSchiej: moron

Ozturk: sure O OK

After game with Squall
<rise> nice playing with 1 ex-bimbot user and 1 "19k dmg in 2 maps with 6-7min each is np4me" guy :D

cdap|ruben: yeah but ur the polish maus

cdap|ruben: konrad = maus + tekoa + butchji

SilentAssassin: die fuck

mASCULINE Squall: ridji konia wali:)

Styla: <Speedy-Bozar> u took a polish hacker to play with me?
Styla: SORRY

(@) tambet: more laggg

viP tyyrd: u fucking idiot
viP tyyrd: lol
viP tyyrd: nice cheat

Qm. ubrxz: sure mate

xtarsiavok: kk
xtarsiavok: sure

xtarsiavok: ridji @ skillboost

XZZTIEME: ridji you suck so hard ;d

XZZTIEME: rofl nice hax:D

TAG|antiheld: byebye randoms

kOEKJE: gtfo polak

ext3violy: nice aim

AFTERLIFE! ENSAM: s1 promissing lan team :D

[<=] Koziol: SURE

viP emortal: gtfo with lagg!

isr * zEDDiON: ridji
isr * zEDDiON: get hit?

dAv1d: pff sure

cor,calisto: cmon get a 6th. Don't you guys have a list who's online at netcoders?
cor,calisto: you got the cracked version?

i p k i s s: OMFG
i p k i s s: sure

TARGET^OWzO: fuck off man

( pds: fucking retarded nerd
( pds: wh more
( pds: like shit
( pds: everynade exactly at us
( pds: poor polak
( pds: go cheat somewhere else

( pds: nice hax
( pds: cancer poltard

Sav!our: ridji hax!

<mamut|Squall> cheater gtfo

risee: ridji is soooooooooooooooooo expected. too obvious anyways:

MOTiF: ridji is kanker cheater
MOTiF: he is busted for multihack

<dESIRE|Bruceh> kick ban ridji

<cor|tyyrd> hacker!

kArn4j: zLoL !

R00NY: fake nice @ ridji <3mate :D

oneofTHEM: expected :)

suVi: haha :D bibuy ridji

ARCLiTE: iam sure ridji wasnt cheating, at least not when I played with him.

Retsev: ridji was expected, fucking polish

Fryzer: so this time its the "real" ridji... ?? wonder why he makes his own cups...:)

Rodia: haha Hardy and ridji :XD

ridji - expected
Hardy- unexpected... ;<

vjt: ridji med+ , make sense now :D

Ssap: ridji - finally....

knabL: freakin ridji

The Passenger: bout time, retard ridji

MOTiF: :D:D:D:D hahahahahahahah

Frantisek: finally ridji...

<ridji> Simppa`
<ridji> 3on3?
<Simppa`> gtfo cheater

<ridji> ipkiss
<ridji> 3on3?
<ipkiss> no
<ipkiss> retardo

SQUAD JyrkZ: u are nicely hacking

<``NaKaTa> poltard

squ(o.O)zeBROS: ridji palehooker

<nerdZ`zNAAARK> oh noez the hackerz0r

<jezzEn`> hacker merci avi known as ridji

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