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[center]AERO / HAZd[/center]
[center]Playing since 2004[/center]

[center]Clans history[/center]

image: drapeau_fr Ghosts of war

( Aero, beeRs, Cool, Generalz, puRity, sMashit, zey )

image: drapeau_fr Logic

( Aero, Ark, Aspa, dabSter, Eht, kemar, shAx, warN )

image: drapeau_uk zZz

( Aero, Millan, nunca, nurv, Squash, toNii, xcoN )

image: drapeau_fr EXECLAM

( Aero, Crss, fuZ, gzz, hAo, RizZle, wiNy)

image: drapeau_fr zD [ zeRo.dimension ]

( Aero, aieuh, dEXT, ESPION, Riggs, wezor, uzEh )

image: drapeau_fr sFx -oSHORE

( Aero, Arkiris, dEXT , Drtank, dzeta, Riggs, sMashit )

image: drapeau_uk factory-damage

( Adzaro, Aero, hotti, okko, mirage, qate, Riggs )

image: drapeau_fr hFE-gaming

( Aero, aieuh, JiJi, Plzymo, Riggs, smirzz, snAuz, wyzz )

image: drapeau_uk aSTRUM

( Aero, Efax, hybrAtek, koks, retsev, ReturneR, SolaR )

image: drapeau_fr niggah

( Aero, fuZ, hAo, JiJi, monkey, RizZle, saKen, smirzz )

[center]Random Quotes[/center]

Quoteimage: de violy: omfg it's the famous madahakk !!

Quoteimage: uk reAliZe: how many packets do you have ?!

Quoteimage: fr PLZYMO: AERO is a humanised bot from Jupiter

Quoteimage: nl pds: shitty frogs , nice wallhack ...

Quoteimage: pl sesn1: you shoot before you start looking m8

Quoteimage: be sLLj: we want our sexy voice to "stimulate" us !!

Quoteimage: nl xxooool: hahaha sure .

Quoteimage: uk stKz: fuck off Aero !!

Quoteimage: dk adi: that's what i call nice players ...

Quoteimage: de sabio: be more unhit !!

Quoteimage: pl gnajdaa: nice cheater ...

Quoteimage: fr kaz-: l'active pas trop Aero !!

Quoteimage: be .X.: get head ...

Quoteimage: uk fishtank: suck my dick , you're fat fuck !!

Quoteimage: pt krypto: unhit shit fu !!


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[__] LEAGUE ET div 1
[__] Never be busted !!!
[__] Sexiest man contest !!!
[__] We owned Netherlands mize & Netherlands jackie
[__] We got ego-kicked by Germany huNta & Austria laguNa
[__] Played with the famous Europe eXeclam
[__] Played with the famous Europe niggah
[__] Played with the famous Europe hFE.gaming

[__] gZcon cup
[__] ColdFire NOLIMIT II

[__] CB MEDICUP 2Nd league