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CURRENT CFG: http://rapidshare.com/share/38E9C3750C24BDAC2FE2482BEEBD22D8

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Clan history

Czech Republic inteRaction
Germany e-WAVE
Europe fuZion
Europe DreaM
Europe Vibe



World Gamemaster Tournament LAN with Czech Republic nEophyte
LAN KOSMONOSY 5on5 - Mladá Boleslav with Czech Republic CZE funteam
Republic Of Gamers City Cup LAN Brno with Czech Republic Pardubice


ClanBase OC 5on5 Premier League Spring 2011 with Czech Republic inteRaction
ETmasters 6v6 group D with Czech Republic eEriness
ET OpenCup 6v6 spring 2009 4th league group E with Czech Republic eEriness
Nsports cup S01 / 3on3 - with Europe unstable
ClanBase summer cup 2009 Fourth League with Czech Republic nEophyte
ClanBase European 6v6 ladder with Czech Republic nEophyte
#CROW.cup 5o5 with Czech Republic team CZE
#One Day Cupski v8 5o5 with Netherlands CUPWinners
EasyCompany Cup VI Czech Republic team inteRaction
3on3 nanoDayCup 2011 with Czech Republic inteRaction

#pG Cup v2 5on5 with Europe vibe
#BMG.cup v4 5on5 with Europe vibe
#zero.E 3on3 Cup v.28 with Czech Republic MAX
#Symbole cup 5on5 with Germany Rewind
#onedaycupski v3 5on5 with Czech Republic inteRaction
#ESL Winter Leagues 2010 2nd div 5on5 with Czech Republic inteRaction

#evu.cup 5 - 2nd league with Europe vibe
#Vendetta 3o3 cup with Europe pigs.et
#taga.cup v2 with Czech Republic MAX
#Odc.cup 3o3 cup with Czech Republic DrunkedCows
#InYourMind 3on3 cup with Czech Republic inteRaction
CB OC 2010 3on3 2.div with Czech Republic April

#5th/6th place EC XXII with Germany e-WAVE

~ played NC XIII, NC XIV with team Czech Republic Czech Republic
~ played EC XXI with Europe DreaM
~ played EC XXII with Germany e-WAVE

Other "pokals"

Newcomer of the year 2009 in Czech RepublicCZE
The most underrated player 2009 in Czech RepublicCZE
CPUAMD x2 250 @ 3.0 GHz
Memory2 GB
StorageSB & WD
SoundRealtek HD Audio
Operating SystemXP
MonitorBenQ xl2410t 120hz
MousepadQPAD CT
Headsetsiberia v2
Connection40 MB