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Nick: taZyaa
From: image: us USA
Lives: image: ca Canada
Birth Date: 30 - September - 1989
Playing Since: April 2005
[/hide] image: xpbqcz

Enemy Territory
image: ee Team Defye
- image: ca tAZYAA
- image: cl NAKEZ
- image: cl CHrilithee
- image: us giZmoOo
- image: us ipod
- image: ee bURZOK
- image: ee brokenmouse
- image: ee TaavI
- image: si seareal

Modern Warfare III
image: ca Canadas Stoners
- image: ca CALARL
- image: ca jiblik
- image: ca AN!b3uS
- image: ca CanadasRedBarron
- image: ca MadMan6390

[/hide] image: xpbqcz

image: eu iNtakE Gaming - 2010
Finland ZweQl
Finland itech
Finland FaTcaT
Canada taZyaa
Canada rockstAr
United States of America ipod
Poland Sk1p
Sweden IcEcrusT
Belgium nvia
United States of America n1ckkk
United States of America vorge
United States of America dYNK
United States of America Brandon/aozz

image: eu Team Eleminate - 2009
image: us squAsh
image: ca Xobi (c)
image: it MaNiAxX
image: gb jArhEad
image: fi Elevation

image: gb Team Decoy - 2007
image: se AwiR (c)
image: caCuLeXiS
image: us xeroN
image: us Ho||ow
image: us stuBBz

[/hide]image: xpbqcz
  • Biggest Dick
  • Trolling
  • 1000th Hit: Belgium RedoX
  • 1337th Hit: Germany wAiiit
  • 2769th Hit: Estonia Hennessy
  • ECC VI Group stage
  • Made United States of America kArl rage ike a Bitch
  • 4th ECC VI Playoffs
image: 1kumq

image: 256hjwl tazyaa / taZyaa|BNC
image: icon_mirc Channel: #Supra6.et
image: icon_mirc Name: taZyaa[/hide] image: xpbqcz

image: 2iqj1hf

[urlnew=http://www.filesonic.com/file/3863049904]ET CONFIG[/url] [/hide] image: xpbqcz
image: fi FaTCaT - dude stop lagging :D
image: fi FaTCaT - its hurting my eyes
image: ca taZyaa - tell that to the beavers nextdoor.
image: ca taZyaa - i tinhk they chewing on my shit
image: ca crono - yo taz
image: ca taZyaa - haha
image: ca crono - ask beavis i get nothing butt head



[/hide] image: xpbqcz
image: us Ipod - Hes a bad panzer <3
image: us Roman - A great guy
image: us hayzay - Has a tiny dick
image: ca bebit - Cool guy!
image: ca crono - he wears black and yellow
image: fi FaTCaT - Has an old mans voice
image: fi ZweQl - Shy kid
image: pl sk1p - Loves justin Bieber

image: speed.io


Operating SystemWin Vista
MouseRazer - Deathadder
HeadsetTurtle Beach - EarForce X12