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[20:19] donzor cu@lan: you get me angry
[20:20] donzor cu@lan: you have 1 min more
[20:20] donzor cu@lan: or i leave
[20:21] donzor cu@lan: bb
[20:21] donzor cu@lan: kid
[20:21] donzor cu@lan: i dont have time to teach youbb
[20:23] ZirQuz: hahah
[20:23] ZirQuz: you are just a little 8 yo troll who think hes cool on PC
[20:23] ZirQuz: xD
[20:24] ZirQuz: would kick your ass IRL
[20:24] donzor cu@lan: ok
[20:24] ZirQuz: xd
[20:24] donzor cu@lan: level up and buy skill BB
[20:24] donzor cu@lan: go puv
[20:24] donzor cu@lan: pub
[20:24] donzor cu@lan: without ts and skill
[20:24] ZirQuz: I dont buy it
[20:24] ZirQuz: thats what u do isnt it ?
[20:24] ZirQuz: Buy it and think u got it but it was a scammer so u think ur cool but u really arent that good
[20:24] donzor cu@lan: dont write me XD
[20:24] donzor cu@lan: i dont have time for little girls to teach XD
[20:25] ZirQuz: hahahahahahahahaha
[20:25] ZirQuz: u still playing the little girls card?
[20:25] ZirQuz: want me to send a pic of my dick so I can slap you with it?
[20:26] donzor cu@lan: omg?
[20:26] donzor cu@lan: really dont undesrtood?
[20:26] donzor cu@lan: you LOW
[20:26] donzor cu@lan: bb
[20:28] ZirQuz: winning 1v2
[20:28] ZirQuz: xD
[20:29] donzor cu@lan: dont write me i will delete little girls
[20:29] ZirQuz: haha
[20:29] donzor cu@lan: bb
[20:29] ZirQuz: u suck so bad XD
[20:29] donzor cu@lan: last word for me?
[20:29] donzor cu@lan: befora delete?
[20:30] ZirQuz: Hmm
[20:30] ZirQuz: how about I'll message your mum that

Some random cod4 noob XD

OH AND Best joke ever..
It was this one time I sat in a tree and I saw a guy walking by and I said hey and he said fuck you nigga and ran away.. hahahah :DDD Thats the ZirQuz humour for ya

And no this one is even better.
What do you think a cannibal does after he dumps his girlfriend?
He wipes his ass hahaah.