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Not playing ET for ~2 years already, not searching a clan. Rarely mercing if asked to. I'm playing Quake Live (-> vibeus).

http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/207/vib4.th.jpg[/img]]image: vib5 http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/1402/vib1.th.jpg[/img]]image: vib1
http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/9456/mice27122010.th.jpg[/img]]image: mice27122010 http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/9325/qcktalent.th.jpg[/img]]image: qcktalent

my slac account

  • 2x MX510
  • 5x MX518
  • MX310
  • G1
  • G3
  • 2x G5
  • G9
  • Boomslang
  • 2x Diamondback
  • 2x Copperhead
  • 2x Krait
  • Deathadder
  • Lachesis
  • Diamondback 3G
  • Salmosa
  • Abyssus
  • Ikari Optical
  • Ikari Laser
  • Kinzu
  • 2x Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1 (WMO)
  • 2x Intellimouse Optical 1.1 (IMO)
  • 2x Intellimouse Explorer 3 (IME)
  • Sidewinder
  • Kone
Planning on getting
  • Logitech G500
  • Logitech G9X
  • Steelseries Xai
  • Microsoft Sidewinder X3
  • Microsoft Sidewinder X8
  • Roccat Pyra Wired
  • Roccat Kova
  • Zowie EC1/2
  • CM Storm Spawn
  • Alienware TactX
  • Qpad 5K
  • Gigabyte M8000X
  • Speedlink Kudos

QuotePrevious clans[/h2]]
Poland Tagapagtanggol 5on5 (2010)

Poland vib (C & TL)
Poland sLaSH (*)
Poland Abject
Poland kuba / kuben
Poland size

Poland Pow4h

Poland JustFIRE (2009)

Poland Spaki (C)
Poland vib (TL)
Poland Craken
Poland hizzy
Poland invent
Poland Prism

Poland kovall
Poland nsk

Poland Team Ego (2009)

Poland vib (C & TL)
Poland Robaciek (C)
Poland baq
Poland mETAL
Poland mikeh
Poland Orzeszty

Poland kovall
Poland Ollie

Europe iNfusion (2009)

Poland vib (C & TL)
England haste (raZr / neXyz)
Portugal Void
Netherlands FEiS
United Kingdom rAAAGE
Finland lEku

United Kingdom CuCkoo
United Kingdom Flanni
Wales gAz
Netherlands Ironic
Canada klAwd
Scotland Micro
United Kingdom potty

Poland fox/> 3on3 (2008)

Poland vib (C & TL)
Poland Pogo / RiXoS
Poland R3wX

Poland Frag Hunters (2008)

Poland HaszKers (C)
Poland Wilku (C)
Poland bMk
Poland EBOLA
Poland Kaczuszka
Poland POOOR
Poland Razer
Poland Rumun
Poland vib

Germany Nightmareclan (2008)

Germany Thanatos (C)
Germany Link1024 (C)
Germany Infinity
Russia Dragon
Germany Kaiserbalu
Germany Kisselbach
Poland vib

Poland Tagapagtanggol 6on6 (2009)

Poland Pow4h (C)
Poland vib (TL)
Poland kuba
Poland Rumun3K
Poland sLaSH
Poland Why

Poland BiBa

Poland heartZ (2009)

Poland mikeh (C)
Poland baq (C)
Poland vib (TL)
Poland l4z
Poland myszal
Poland w1lko

Poland Mahomet
Poland piaskun
Poland yUppie

Europe LAW 4Fun (2009)

Netherlands esSe (C)
Netherlands aMeno
Netherlands daNi
Germany Nijou
Belgium Piegie
Poland vib

Netherlands Nickei

Europe Team Ego (2008)

Poland Robaciek (C)
Poland vib (TL)
Netherlands Apoc
Estonia Sand
Germany SpriCa
Poland Webbie

Netherlands An1mal
Norway Hexagon
Finland huPo
Poland Method
Poland sLothh
Netherlands Steve
Germany Techniker
Finland toNi
France z3f

Poland oVer (2008)

Poland vib (C & TL)
Poland Az!r
Poland bIOLY
Poland Crash
Poland Dar0
Poland Insid3
Poland N0rtH
Poland Pr0
Poland R3wX
Poland RiXoS
Poland shark
Poland w1lko

Poland CEDGE Gaming (2008)

Poland Rabit (C)
Poland brobo
Poland entji
Poland milF
Poland m0ment
Poland vib

Poland sWift

666 - 1337 - 4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 - >9000

QuoteI'm a lagger[/h2]]

image: 14289079

image: 1231979757

image: myinet


My config

image: adlernest
image: braundorf%201image: braundorf%202image: braundorf%203
image: bremen%201image: bremen%202
image: delivery%201image: delivery%202image: delivery%203
image: frostbite%201image: frostbite%202image: frostbite%203
image: goldrush%201image: goldrush%202
image: radar%201image: radar%202image: radar%203image: radar%204
image: supply%201image: supply%202

Quote by patologiaPLZ mean no ban me! ban you! you destroying Me! you dont have ral live?! plz stfu! I want only plaY!



Polish, English, German
OpenCup Spring 2010

hobbies: disassembling & collecting mice, singing opera ; )

SLAC ID: 00000028
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E4300 @ OC 3.4 GHz
MotherboardAsus P5B Deluxe
MemoryGeIL 3x 1GB DDR2 PC-6400 CL4 @ OC
StorageSamsung SpinPoint F3 1.5TB
GraphicsPalit GeForce GTS 250 512 MB GDDR3 @ OC
SoundAsus Xonar DX
Operating SystemWindows XP (6/11 Sensitivity + Accelfix) + Linux!
MonitorAcer GD245HQ [24" 120 Hz TFT]
KeyboardSteelSeries 6G V2
Mouseused to play with Logitech MX518 [claw grip] (800 DPI 500 Hz) in my prime time :P
MousepadPuretrak Talent (483 X 356) 23cm/360°
HeadsetSennheiser HD 555 / Creative Aurvana Live! / Sennheiser PC 350 / AKG K 530 SteelSeries Siberia V2
ConnectionVectra 14 Mbit