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Clan History

Czech Republic
Czech Republic[C1P]Decker
Czech Republic[C1P]pepa
Czech Republic[C1P]saach
Czech Republic[C1P]Yousmell
Czech Republic[C1P]Gessler

Czech Republic
Czech Republic=PP= Saach
Czech Republic=PP= Icarus
Czech Republic=PP= Difuse
Czech Republic=PP= Yousmell
Czech Republic=PP= Trebl
Czech Republic=PP= Wish

Czech Republic
Czech Republicemd´Menge
Czech Republicemd´Janocolo
Czech Republicemd´Trebl
Czech Republicemd´Yousmell
Czech Republicemd´KRY
Czech Republicemd´Cavalera

Czech Republic
Czech Republicbfu´NazQul
Czech Republicbfu´Flash
Czech Republicbfu´Otis
Czech Republicbfu´Yousmell
Czech Republicbfu´fiRed
Czech Republicbfu´darkyna
Czech Republicbfu´jupik


2004 Czech RepublicCzech ET championship with EMD
/ 2005 Czech RepublicCzech ET championship with BFU
2006 Czech RepublicCzech ET chapionship with BFU

casted in BFU fragmovie
some random czech cups

real life achievements:
saw almost every Czech Republicczech ET player and get drunk with most of them
ate 5 pancakes full of weed without noticing it at all
drunk 7 beers without going to the toilet
second at Czech Republicczech junior baseball championship
twice at czech progaming television as a guest
quite succesful at poker with my friends
finished 3rd at freeroll once, won 8 dollars (not really RL though)
dated a very hot girl 3 times and broke up 3 times in 3 years time
got a summer job at a brewery once and drunk beer almost for free for 2 months consecutively
CPUP4 2,4GHz
Memory2 x 1024
GraphicsGeforce 4
MonitorCRT 15´
Keyboarddunno lol some tesco shit
MouseMX 510
Connection512 at home 10Mbit at college