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Col says: you got a fan club :D
Col says: everyone i msg on irc, and your name comes up..they say "pheto's class!"
Col says: :P

<@Vorv> i drink like a bird now FACT
<@Pheto> :)
<@Pheto> want some seeds my dove?

* @ST205 slaps Dilko| around a bit with a large trout
* @ST205 slaps Vorv around a bit with a large trout
* @Pheto slaps ST205 around a lot with a big salmon
* @ST205 ( Quit (Quit)
<@Pheto> salmon > col

<@Pheto> 502 Bad Gateway
<@med1xza> :(
<@med1xza> i failed
<@med1xza> ffs
<@Pheto> failed @ failblog
<@Pheto> oh dear :D
<@med1xza> :D

<monique> fucking server
<@Pheto> have fun with that

Currently Highskilled Software Engineer, gg life


rip out the wings of a butterfly

getting a quake live invite from the one and only United Kingdom Richard "Vorv" Valentine

played on ettv?

OC Spring 2008 3rd Div: 9th~16th
OC Fall 2008 2nd Div: 5th~8th
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E8400
Memory4gb DDR2
Storage1618 GB Total
GraphicsEVGA Geforce 7900GT
SoundSoundblaster X-Fi platinum
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional
MonitorIIyame 454 Pro
KeyboardTrust crap
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadQpad CT Medium Black
HeadsetSennheiser PC-350 G4M3
ConnectionTele2 ADSL2+