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[18:04:49] -=<FUNJUMPS>=- Webe: emmä jaksa kuunnella rongii
[18:05:03] -=<FUNJUMPS>=- Webe: jos vihu tekee 11:58 supplyy ni se repii näytön irti

Quotes #YOLO
Hungarysebi: i think you would beat rockit 3v6, atleast if Rong plays, impressive skills , nvm, his first match was in february, I see
Hungarysebi: rong, why were you never in the finnish national team?
Hungarysebi: gl in banlist
Hungarysebi: cu at lan D: impressive new talent, too bad you missed the more competitive ET times :(
Germany***stRay: hahahah
Germanys1LENT: with or without cheats?
GermanyreAz: srsly turn it off
GermanyreAz: it's impossible to get 60 percent acc with mp40 so ye we actually do think he is cheating
GermanyreAz: nice nades, love your wh
GermanyFLoPJEHZ: send demos
GermanyFiREBALL: rup online only heroes
GermanyOxy: rofl
GermanyOxy: that boost
GermanyBl4d3: hayhah
GermanyBl4d3: haha you guys
GermanyBl4d3: suck cock
GermanyKRESTi[HB]: rong with or without third party program?
GermanyKRESTi: turn it a bit higher guys
Germanyshadymike: is any1 of you clean?
Finlandsmak: mikä sul on pääl
FinlandSpugedius: se mercy ei oo aina vastaus kaikkeen
Finlandsmak: löytyyks jätkält 10k lämää 54acc anticheatinki kanssa?
FinlandSungi: on tää nyt saatana jätkä pelannu 2kk muna hies ja tääl fanitetaa ettv
FinlandSungi: mä ownannu jätkii 2010 vuodest asti high tasol
FinlandSungi: ja siltikää kukaa muu ku noi vanhat patut morota
FinlandSungi: sit sua specitää joka normi irc peliski
FinlandSungi: reety vetää housut nilkkoihi aina ku näkee sun nickin
FinlandWebe: jätkäl on ihan selvä etbotti
FinlandLORDI: Ei vittu rongilla on botti näkee aimista
Finlandmortal: vaikka oletat että toinen koodaa ni ei tarvi ite laittaa päälle
FinlandOLBAA @rockit: LOL
FinlandOLBAA @rockit: Juujuu
FinlandOLBAA @rockit: tais joku nappi mennä päälle
FinlandMyUnDaI: siinähän on rongille vihu, katotte kummalla hakee aimi nopeemmi
NetherlandsviSual.outlAw: RONG BETTER THAN QUEENS
NetherlandsviSual.outlAw: YOLO
NetherlandsviSual.outlAw: nice one rong
NetherlandsviSual.outlAw: rong > sqzz
Netherlandsi OWN succidamQue: nice one
Netherlandsi OWN succidamQue: cancer hacker
Netherlandsi OWN succidamQue: dont shoot to early bro
NetherlandsConstan: I know u, u r the best player 2k15
NetherlandsBase: youre the biggest cheater
NetherlandsBase: low with cheats
NetherlandsBase: good knowing rong
NetherlandskARMA: weird:D
NetherlandsGiZmoO: cu at lan
NetherlandsMOTiF: ?
NetherlandshybrAtek: your gamestyle
NetherlandshybrAtek: its the best I've ever seen :D:D:D
Belgiumone4one.Kevin: amazing
Belgiumone4one.Kevin: fucking magic
Belgiumone4one.Kevin: if your name is rong then youve been playing since 2015 or so and then youre a cheating cunt
Belgiumone4one.Kevin: classic cheater story
Belgiumone4one.Kevin: that is a wall my friend
Belgiumone4one.Kevin: cba playing when you have such a blatant wallhacker
Belgiumone4one.Kevin: nice community
BelgiumPlAyer: literally never been that owned in a 3on3
BelgiumPlAyer: with a decent players
United States of Americaipod: u guys are gods
United States of Americaipod: this is the worst ass kicking ive ever recieved in the history of ET
United States of Americaipod: u guys are good lol
United States of Americaipod: like that was retarded good
United States of Americaipod: even tho u guys autistic as fuck
PolandI<3Darko: fucking retard hacker
PolandI<3Darko: better than maus
PolandI<3Darko: the new rong :)
PolandIGLA: you were more obvious than Speedy Bozar
PolandIGLA: those guys are fuckin joke
PolandIGLA: more obvious shit than outlaw insa and yokoo in one person
Polandnejm: i played kresti few days ago
Polandnejm: and fairly he's like lowskilled compared to u
Polandridji: ?X:XD haha
Polandhunter: :XD
United Kingdomjam: come LAN then Rong
United Kingdomjam: you won't even win a game without cheating
United KingdomShaman: only in lan I will believe
NorwayDomi: gg, cba this
NorwayDomi: not playing some nerds whove played 2on2 for 5 years straight
Franceyokoo: hes winning aim duels vs me, impossible without cheats
Israelintersys: if that was u rong you were fucking godlike


King of 3v3
Played ET since 2006
KlientPro 3on3 Winter Cup with P*SSYBASHERS
ET United 2on2 ODC #8 with Sungi
ET United 3on3 ODC #10 with Revenge of Nasty Warriors
ET United 3on3 ODC #13 with P*SSYBASHERS 3on3 OneDayCup with =VIRGINSQUAD= #3on3 OneDayCup with ET in 2014 lol
DOOPPI 3on3 Cup Season 9 2009 with 'xD Squad,
mENACE's 2on2 Pistol Cup with Sungi
OpenCup 3on3 3. div with teamVieze
ET 3on3 Masters 2016
NationsCup 2010 .55 with Team Finland (regards to sebi, I did play for team finland)
FragCup .55+ 2009 with 'xD Squad,
uNBELIEVABLE 2on2 Cup 2010 with Sungi (lost to Squall & olBaa)
zeroE 3on3 Cup v.21 2010 with konoha-nins
Have met Sungi, Spugedius and LORDI in real life
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Monitordell 24" @ 60hz
Mouselenovo optical 5 euro
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