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Current team (yes im back in action xD):

Ita ESL Pro Series VI
image: game_cod4 Italy limonCE[/b]]Italy dIESEL
Italy RaZE
Italy eNERGY
Italy bLiz
Italy kubee
Italy Satin
Italy Hyper

Clanbase EC XVII
image: etqw Italy InFerno eSports[/b]]Italy Piddu
Italy bLiz
Italy ZiP
Italy eXp
Italy 1o0p
Italy Rickmage
Italy Shakii
Italy Roghi

Clanbase EC XV Qualifier
image: game_et image: ec4 eXplosionC4[/b]]Italy diO
Italy bLiz
Sweden slajdan
Netherlands BuLL
Germany MurDa
Poland uf0l
Germany phate
Sweden nordan
Austria xet
Austria kan0wne

image: game_et Europe dFIANCE[/b]]Slovenia immoo
Italy diO
Italy bLiz
Switzerland DabSter
Switzerland arrow
Switzerland ReavEr
Czech Republic butch

image: game_et Europe Agony † Realm[/b]]Italy diO
Italy bLiz
Italy H4nS
Italy Ryu
France kyp
Netherlands abort
Israel FrAgOn
Israel skillz

image: game_et Russia team pistols[/b]]Russia slaw
Latvia fuzz
Italy bLiz
Latvia speedy
Latvia Amigo
Latvia MariaSharapova
Netherlands phiTya
Russia Kurilka

image: game_et Italy eXplosionC4[/b]]Italy jolly
Spain Mamalukes
Italy bLiz
Italy petruu
Italy Ryu
Russia Panico

Clanbase EC XIII Qualifier
image: game_et Italy team VagrantS[/b]]Italy SuPrEmO
Italy bLiz
Italy diO
Italy XyloS
Italy H4nS
Italy fenix
Italy cl0ne
Italy Xavier
Italy Ryu
Italy 1oop
Germany b4ttle
Italy LoTHaR

image: game_et Italy Dark Side Quarters[/b] (becomes VagrantS)]Italy Xavier
Italy SuPrEmO
Italy bLiz
Italy Baku
Italy Shakii
Italy fenix
Italy cl0ne

ET 6on6 WorldCup by et-cup
image: game_et Italy Team-ITA[/b]] Italy XyloS
Italy DaNoNe
Italy Asdino
Italy Artus
Italy bLiz
Italy diO
Italy vegeta
Italy Black

image: game_rtcw Italy The Skulls[/b]] Italy cl0ne
Italy fenix
Italy bLiz
Italy Zarmot
Italy TheConqueros
Italy Raggot
Italy The_Jackel

team VagrantS - tHe Movie
starring in ET Allstars2

image: etqw_trash2


ET:QW 6on6 ITA DEMO CUP with inFerno eSports
ET:QW 6on6 ITA EMS Qualify with inFerno eSports
Fun Cup third edition with explosionC4
OpenCup Spring 6v6 2005 3rd division with VagrantS
Italian 6v6 CB SW Ladder with VagrantS
Italian ET Cup III by 4myplayer with VagrantS
Gamesnet 3v3 Clancup 2005 with VagrantS
ITA ET Cup II 2nd league (CB hosted) with DsQ
CPUIntel CoreDuo e6600
Memory2gb DDR2 Corsair Xms 800mhz
StorageSeagate barracuda Sata2 320gb
GraphicsNvidia 8800GTS 320mb
SoundCreative X-FI Extreme Music
Operating SystemWindows Xp Pro
MonitorCRT 19"
KeyboardLogitech media keyboard
MouseLogitech G5
MousepadSteelpad S&S
HeadsetPlantronics Audio 90
ConnectionADSL 4000/256