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Wtf is this game lulz?

image: et Old team:
Belgium Monarch[/b] (~ 2 years)]
France Alone
Belgium Buzzer
France Inferno

image: game15292
image: game19756

Airborn (1 year)]
France -Oxx- busted
France Kazuki/Christian busted
France Farenheit Wype busted
France Krk ©
France Inferno
France Pleymo busted
France Ewaz busted
France Benito busted
Belgium Buzzer
France Alone
France Legend Raviz

image: game5775
image: game5761
image: game5697

Europe Unload[/b] (4 months)]
Belgium Assesino busted
Belgium Parazz © busted
France Corrosif busted
France Alone
Belgium Buzzer

France =APB=[/b] (1,5 years) (2.55)]
France Alone
France SamGamegie
France Hiokyo ©
France Falco
France Wotam
France Ariakas
France Youri busted
France ElFlingeur ©
France S@m
France Falco
Belgium Buzzer

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#Crossfire /q Alone_
image: cfmw7

Le FU: "A sophisticated way to rage for Frenchies which is used instead of FFFFFFUUUUU"

Quoteouskilla!]ouskilla!: nice wh
ufo]ufo: HAA SURE
zMk.aka.speedo] zMk.aka.speedo: OFF WH!!!
Aquarel N!ke] Aquarel N!ke: More wh
C H R I S T E R] C H R I S T E R : Stop wh! (aka LoCkheed)
highwayiii] highwayii : more wher (aka Estaloth)
fumble]fumble: Fucking wher

Kicked by Belgium Overload[/b]]image: be Jetro busted
image: be Lio busted
image: be Vila busted
after one round on sd with Belgium Monarch[/b]]image: fr Alone
image: be Buzzer
image: fr Inferno

Official dESIRE]
image: fr kARnAJ
image: fr RizkKk
image: fr FEk
image: fr Bruceh
image: fr Sinus[/hide]'s spectator @ CiC7 (Netherlands Enschede)(13th/35)

FranceLe Francis
Quote by FrancisI'm your 888th hits, please stop say i'm mad on your profil

Quote by RobaciekPolak failing to be funny at CF :x

image: troll-488x540

Malta Killerboy Worst CB's admin ever
Netherlands Frop = Poland Robaciek's friend !

Warning level:[/b]]
By: United Kingdom Baggiez
Reason: Spam (Repply to a post)

Posting Right Revoked
By: Netherlands Frop (2 weeks)
Reason: No thanks.. (I spam "No thx." on all the post :o))

By: Netherlands Frop (3 days)
Reason: See you in a bit.. (Netherlands Frop = Poland Robaciek's friend)

Spécial Hits:[/b]]
1 : Belgium Buzzer <3
184: France kARnAJ
314: Finland Squall
315: Belgium Gifted
318: Finland ENSAM
452: Finland Vanhaomena
477: England Sheep :]
503: Italy XyLoS
540: Netherlands NoHead
543: Estonia frEeze
651: Finland olBaa
862: Netherlands 0V1E :]

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image: 6031k