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JapanKonoha-Nins <3

CongoJibJabers <3

ACiD/mAurice: kutsch ?
ACiD/mAurice: kannst du mercen =
kutschBot & survive: ja ?
kutschBot & survive: wann ?
ACiD/mAurice: 5o5 cup
kutschBot & survive: und bei was ?
ACiD/mAurice: jketz,,,
kutschBot & survive: ;<
ACiD/mAurice: et
kutschBot & survive: mhm
kutschBot & survive: mit acid ?
ACiD/mAurice: ya :D
ACiD/mAurice: predi daenji buqja
ACiD/mAurice: und ich halt
kutschBot & survive: soz 2 low
kutschBot & survive: ;>
ACiD/mAurice: hahaha
kutschBot & survive: spiel lieber hon
ACiD/mAurice: hacker :XD
kutschBot & survive: cu <3
ACiD/mAurice: bb

image: fuckyea


Charge 3on3 cup v1 with Konoha-Nins
DOOPPI 3v3 cup v4 with Konoha-Nins
CPUAMD phenom II 955 4x 3,2 Ghz
MotherboardMSI 770-C45 AMD 770 AM3
Memory4GB OCZ Platinum Kit DDR3-1333
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GraphicsATi HD radeon 4890 Powercolor 1024MB PCS+ PCIe OVERCLOCKED VERSION
Operating SystemWindows 7 Home Premium System Builder 64B
MonitorSAMSUNG SyncMaster P2250
KeyboardRandom Logitech
MouseLogitech MX518 Refresh
MousepadRoccat TAITO
HeadsetRazer Piranha
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