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2005 Germany h4u.ET
2005 Italy
Sweden LotiX
Netherlands Fratze
Belgium Shewie
Germany gambit
Germany shy
Estonia InterFace
France shaq

2005 Italy
Netherlands PLU173KG
Netherlands aemkei
France shaq
France Tsu
Germany eLc

2006 Germany
Germany Kuraigu
Germany butchji
Norway SioN
Norway Gjerry
Sweden Ozz
Sweden Fuchs
Netherlands Azatej

2006 Belgium
Germany viol
Germany MurDa
Germany conan
Germany brot
Austria silent
Sweden NuggaN

2006 Germany
France shaq
France Tsu
Netherlands PLU172
Netherlands aemkei
Belgium Shewie
Hungary Future
Hungary seNti

2008 Finland
Czech Republic Bozar
Czech Republic REDNOSS
Poland raypiel
Portugal kMt
Portugal Koto
Austria potter

#1 @
Czech Republic Bozar DSky-FiED change your nickname u hacking fucktard
Sweden newbjE DSky-FiED is for real
Sweden newbjE are you stupid Speedy-Bozar
Germany FaKy newbje
Germany FaKy like speedy-bozar was in any case not stupid
Germany FaKy :D
Sweden newbjE :D
Poland arabje FaKy you right

#2 @ Ingame
United Kingdom sqZz who the fuck are you nonames
United Kingdom sqZz come to cdc5 and i will kill you and your family and all your mates

#3 @ Vent
Columbia r0ka i play game castle rust wolfenstein 7 years noob


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