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sYNeRR iRL:[/b]]
What should I say...
31 years old, studied public economics with emphasis in microeconomics and game theory, working as research associate with focus on telecommunications regulation, father of two sweeeeeeet daughters.... and I play ET since 2003 ...



July 2009 - ...
>> Jamaica kG.fullhold![/b]]
Germany kG.theman
Greece kG.Heineken
Germany kG.sNaKe
Germany kG.m3c3n
Germany kG.destii
Germany kG.sYNeRR
Turkey kG.liq
Germany nG^Ganja
Germany nG^kiff0r
Germany nG^Jacobi

IRC: #jMk.ET
URL: kG clan
Status: 5&5 hs clans! mature behaviour!
Offline: Enlarged 2009 (theman, kiff0r, Ganja, MaxPower, elektron, ?)

September 2008 - July 2009
>> image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie rL[/b]]
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie reallife.sYNeRR@Mathematica&LaTeX

IRC: #tUs.ET or #phalanX.ET
Status: Working&Family&Friends&mix sometimes
Offline: only

March 2008 - ?
>> Cyprus velerion[/b]]
Germany [V] shmoe
Germany [V] freezy
Austria [V] jok3
Austria [V] Limbonic
Germany [V] kholic
Germany [V] crackbitch
Germany [V] gzD
Germany [V] reCcc
Germany [V] sts
Germany [V] sYNeRR

IRC: #velerion
URL: www.velerion.de.vu
Status: mix 2 max
Offline: ...

March 2007 - July 2008
>> Germany phalanX.ET[/b]]
Yugoslavia phalanX|spreCo
Germany phalanX|gReaT
Germany phalanX|r00t
Greece phalanX|Heineken
Germany phalanX|sNaKe
Germany phalanX|w1Za
Germany phalanX|Ss-A-P
Germany phalanX|e1ektron
Germany phalanX|inso
Germany phalanX|Trigger
Germany phalanX|shmoe
Germany phalanX|j4b
Switzerland phalanX|wolv
Germany phalanX|sYNeRR

IRC: #phalanX.ET
URL: phalanx.crew25.de
Status: 2 weeks!
Offline: [5th] Enlarged 2007 (sNaKe, r00t, inso, trigger, shmoe, oweN, sYNeRR)

November 2005 - ...
>> image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Team Hessen.ET[/b]]
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.Huch
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.Vexus
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.elektron
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.gReaT
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.r00t
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.Alexios
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.w1Za
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.rak!
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.Andre
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.teq
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.j4b
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.midas
image: hessenundwappenklein%20Kopie Hessen.sYNeRR

IRC: #Hessen.ET
URL: team-hessen.mediagroup5.com
Status: federal team
Offline: rL booze-up

November 2005 - January 2007
>> Germany the Untouchable squad[/b]]
Germany tUs!schnaefzge
Germany tUs!aCe
Germany tUs!Si
Greece tUs!Heineken
Germany tUs!VVarrior
Germany tUs!steinmEtz
Germany tUs!steppe
Germany tUs!Ss-A-P
Germany tUs!sNaKe
Germany tUs!rePower
Germany tUs!oeRNes
Germany tUs!Zweifi
Turkey tUs!CrazyDudelsack
Germany tUs!sYNeRR

IRC: #tUs.ET
URL: www.clan-tUs.de
Status: Inactive
Offline: Online only! :>

May 2004 - November 2005
>> Germany Team DemonSphere[/b]]
Germany DemonS duKe_
Switzerland DemonS Blubb
Germany DemonS Herk
Germany DemonS Ss-A-P
Germany DemonS Mariachi
Germany DemonS Held
Germany DemonS erb5on
Germany DemonS spo1ler
Germany DemonS rage
Germany DemonS ChaosClaus
Germany DemonS Inso
Germany DemonS sYNeRR

IRC: #Team-DS.com
URL: www.Team-DS.com
Status: R.I.P.
Offline: Lan-ET-ic 2005 (Herk, Mariachi, Held, spo1ler, erb5on, sYNeRR)


image: C64_startup_animiert


image: homerapple



"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."

—Immanuel Kant, Metaphysics of Morals
CPUIntel Core2Duo E4600
MotherboardASUS P5Q
Memory2*1024 MB DDR2-800 OCZ Platinum
StorageSamsung SP2504C (250 GB) & HD322HJ (320GB)
GraphicsSparkle nVidia GF9600GT (512MB)
SoundSB Audigy2
Operating SystemWin XP prof. SP3
MonitorIBM P275 || Samsung T220
KeyboardLogitech Desktop
MouseLogitech MX518
Mousepadqpad CT large
HeadsetSennheiser PC150
ConnectionVDSL 25