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Slovenia sWat.clan Slovenia (pwnin ppl since 2004)

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Quote [17:27] <@[sWat]wiseBoy> i just like Sol and he likes me ... he shows love by deleting my jurnals and stuff :* <3<3<3

wl admin.
<[sWat]on3md> afakorz
<wl|4drenalin3> ?
<[sWat]on3md> yes
<wl|4drenalin3> afakorz is another player?
<[sWat]on3md> no
<[sWat]on3md> it means ofcourse

mundUs to carnie for NC match:
Quoteplxplax\carniee • dont we still have 1 week
[CB]mUnduS • lol?
[CB]mUnduS • not rly
plxplax\carniee • this is the 4th week
[CB]mUnduS • this i true
[CB]mUnduS • is*
plxplax\carniee • soo
[CB]mUnduS • not soo
[CB]mUnduS • Week 23 February - 1 March
plxplax\carniee • Next week (5 of 5)
plxplax\carniee • Mo 22h: FRA - CZE
plxplax\carniee • whats with those matches then?
[CB]mUnduS • Monday 2 March 2009 22:00
[CB]mUnduS • 5th week?
[CB]mUnduS • dude
[CB]mUnduS • what are u trying?
[CB]mUnduS • really?

Quote<@mamut|JaKaZc> Some ppl are taking NC too much serious.

QuoteI was low+/med- with the etBot

bibu @ jurnal
QuoteDon't have internet for like 3 days now. And probably i won't have it till next friday.
Teacher called my parents and they took my internet. I am like so pissed off.

Quote..but i am not like you... searching excuses for real life friends... ...JESUS :/
<--orly xD

Quote[00:49] uNi: and many times when im at the party I think: damn it why the fuck im not in my house playing et instead of be here

nellie in the news:
QuoteSpicing up the evenings offering sees u|k whoring sWat compete in the ClanBase European Ladder. Their opponents, none other than inteRaction. Can the Czech’s put an end to sWat clans four match winning spree? The GamesTV betting public seem to think so…

hOmer for evo cup:
QuoteTeam- Netherlands passed first round without any problems. Team composed by Ronner will now face sWat clan - Slovenian team with some European adds. Will that mix of nationalities be able to steal one map from Dutch powerhouse? Find it out on sunday!

Quotewhat an exciting game, never had so much fun in my life, the effort the lads put in was magnificent and we can go away proud of ourselves.

if you are a noob and want to learn et, i highly recommend you to request replays of this match and study them at least 6 times.

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Deleted Et!
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