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  • April 14, 1996
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u5*SpeciaL: cause ive seen you play before, and never had that acc or game sense
you are clearly cheating
this dude cheating fuck I can tell
MarkC Acceleration Fix: well it honestly is obv that your not legit
BiBoy; Alfred? for why you get banned on Hirntot
DrAmatiK: Word on the street is that you got banned for using wh
arturzks: You're banned for cheating Alfred
dazX: CHEATER ! :)
Agonie:): I've had enough of you wh seriously, that's why I went to a different server
Agonie:): HOW THE FUCK DID YOU KNOW piece of shit
Agonie:): Seriously turn it off ffs
GaD: why isn't alfred aka valkk banned for wh
GaD renamed to VALKKcheating
GaD: there's a demo of you wh on crossfire
symbol: stupid wh, onion has demo of you
Agone:): enjoy your ban on kpro
GaD: haha banned on kpro, stupid wh cheat
Mitroglou: this wh cheat, ban

[9:07 PM] valkk: threw up several times
[9:07 PM] valkk: sorry i couldn't play
[9:07 PM] Sungi: did u spec apricot by mistake?

1v1 mxtR: Valkk is a god


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just some pub player, and wannabe P:
MonitorASUS 24" gaming monitor
KeyboardCheap gaming one
MouseRazer deathadder elite
MousepadSteelseries qCK
ConnectionShit but improved