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Clan History 2001-2004 RTCW

GermanySuperhelden at Work
GermanySkillz on Masse (esl 2vs2)
GermanyGerman Freakz Clan

RTCW/ET 2001-2004
RTCW OFC-NICKS: Rul4, tr!xa,ka0z hahahahhahhaa
ETNICK: //kKN!, favel aka fey
2004-2009 only use pc for porn and youtube

dont know why stoped playing... i remember that my mouse was crashed!

2009 after a night with lot alcohol and drugs

i look on my desktop few minutes... (see the rtcw icon on desktop) and remember what a nice time it was... and how many time i spend played on relaxed wardogs and efterlist server 24/7...(after daydreamin) me see mirc (that i never used after 2005) So i connect.... all my channels in perform was empty. that makes me little sad.. cause i remember on the good times that i had with playing rtcw few minutes before..so i decided for me on octobre to play again.... and after 3month playing wolfenstein 2 and cod 4... i switch back to et and still playing!

i know beste english... hey crossfire where is my gipsyflag can i get one plz

ET-NICKS:Djietsh,whitelight,HEROINMOVEMENT!,SS ARYANROBBEN,get normal face and muscles!,
GermanyTeam-Warpig as funmember
Germanykarottes gemüsegarten

xfireaddy = johnnyurin


Best last minute run with docs over axisspawn to a closed door award 2010 on adlernest
CPUi7 920 d0
Motherboardasus rampage II extreme
Memory6gb corsair dominator
Graphicsasus 295gtx
Operating Systemwin7 64bit
Monitorsyncmaster p2450
Keyboardspeedlink 10€
Mouselogitech mx518
Mousepadsteelseries 7€
Headsetsennheiser pc151
Connection16000 t-com