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No longer playing :(

Old Teams


Ireland Bilgrim
Ireland Cadea
Ireland Coco
Ireland Dozy
Ireland Errol
Ireland Flushje
Ireland Sol
Scotland Stormeh
Belgium Tsar

Israel Cypher
Croatia danL
England Dren
England Foonr
Ireland Joe
England Matt
England Phonics
England Prophetter
England Quag
England Skydeh
England Spencetron
Scotland Stormeh
England WhiteyB

Ireland Apple
Ireland Etnies
Netherlands Karrde
England Lawley
England KesneL
Ireland Malus
Scotland Stormeh
Sweden Sven

Team Scotland (Homenations II)]
Scotland Docholiday
Scotland Kevlar
Scotland Phonics
Scotland Razz
Scotland SLASHEh
Scotland Stormeh
Scotland Vexx

England Azreal
Czech Republic Drearem
England Files
England MatzeR
Netherlands Mascot
England Naminator
France Polux
Scotland Stormeh

Germany Aca
England Arf
Baden-Württemberg Klot
Netherlands Mascot
Scotland Mind
Germany NeXes
Scotland Stormeh
Scotland Thump
Germany Yuka

Greets to all the people I played with, drop me a message in #vplclan


Gabt] Trully awesome <3
Griim] Damage Whore
Nexes] whiner :}


CB Uk#1 With United Kingdom Bux.
Home Nations Cup II with Scotland Scotland.
Went to meet all the bux lads.
Got tea-bagged off Quag.

Been playing ET on and off for 3 years and still low+
CPUIntel Core Duo E6550 @ 2.33GHZ
Motherboardasus p5n-e sli
Memory2gb Ram
Storage500GB Internal + 110GB External
GraphicsXTX 8800 GS
SoundAltec Lansing FX5051
Operating SystemXP SP2
MonitorSamsung Syncmaster 2232 BW
KeyboardMicrosoft Standard
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadRazer Mantis Speed
HeadsetPlanatromics Digial Headset