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¬ played for:

Germany helix - EC XII
Europe rewind
Estonia kujuneb
Estonia Team Estonia - NC IX, X
Europe Team-ND - EC XIII
Europe dMiZE - CPC 1
Belgium cZar
Portugal k1ck - EC XV
Italy n1ce - EC XVII


Eurocup XIII with Europe Team-ND
Warleagues Premier Season 6 with Europe Team-ND
Nationscup IX with Estonia Team Estonia
CB 3v3 Opencup Fall 2005 Premier with Estonia #pwn-team
CB 3v3 Opencup Spring 2007 Premier with Estonia #pwn-team
CB 6v6 Opencup Fall 2007 Premier with Italy #n1ce.it
#4th @ Crossfire PrizeFight LAN with Europe dMiZE
#9-16 @ Crossfire PrizeFight LAN II with Europe el vigorZ