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Also playing under the names: jEKKE_ & Yns.

Currently playing for:



tpk (2004-2007) ]
United Kingdom Aenima
Netherlands Balhaar
Netherlands Beermaster
Belgium Belgian_warrior
Netherlands Boerie
Netherlands Bullet
Netherlands Cazz
Netherlands darky
Netherlands David NL
Netherlands Desertfox
Netherlands Doggyh
United Kingdom eTerNal
Netherlands Fex
Belgium frag-a-lot
Netherlands Gewerengerrit
Netherlands Hawkeye
Netherlands Infinite
United Kingdom Jinosta
Netherlands Killingmaster (h3r0!n)
Netherlands levi
Netherlands Lucky.NL
United Kingdom Morh
United Kingdom Mztik
Netherlands NastyNick
Finland Nupe
Netherlands Phaon
Netherlands Pim
Sweden sAmy
Scotland Scouzer
Netherlands Shadow
Israel sHokk
Estonia speed
Netherlands Tr!pji
Netherlands Tripping
Netherlands Trusty
Netherlands Veggy
Netherlands Vizzebek
Netherlands x3t
United Kingdom XenoMorph
Germany xqb
Netherlands ZoeZoe

npm (2004) ]
Netherlands Aim4zehead (Tr!pji)
Spain brEeze
United Kingdom Drunkenhobbit
Spain fari
United Kingdom fIrestorm
Spain Halcon
United Kingdom JohnRambo
Spain LuiBlevi
Spain Masterdark (Rad!fz)
Netherlands Musashi (h3r0!n)
Spain Nekrataal
United Kingdom nOdrog1
Spain stray
United Kingdom tAkeda

ReQuiem (2004-2005)]
Netherlands h3r0!n
Estonia Icewind
Estonia iden / Speed
Netherlands levz
Finland monni
England morh*
England Mztik
Lithuania Neky
Finland Nubiks
Poland raf
Netherlands Tr!pji
England XenoMorph

Morrigu (2005)]
Netherlands amnes1a
Netherlands Boxer
Netherlands Dasco / h3r0!n
Netherlands duPer / joop
Indonesia Efax
Germany master
Netherlands Nijmege01
Netherlands Rapylid
Canada Wesbo

sWat (2005)]
Netherlands h3r0!n
Hungary hardonx
Slovenia immoo
Slovenia kaNii
Slovenia on3md
Slovenia S7umf
Slovenia sAk3n
Slovenia vIsion / p00w
Slovenia wiseboy

EE. (2005)]
France Azreal
Czech Republic Drearem
England eVo
England Files
Netherlands h3r0!n
England huRricane / rAzbo
Wales loZz
England Matzer
England Naminator
France Polux
England Spookstra
Scotland Stormeh

Reason-Gaming (2005)]
England rG

England Ace
England eTerNal
England f3n
Netherlands h3r0!n
Netherlands sTx
Scotland Vexxeh
England w3st

United Kingdom ALMIGHTY.ET (2006)
T4Ce exilium (2006)]
Portugal archy
Portugal At!lla
Portugal atsocA
Portugal Bas|co
Portugal dVn
Netherlands h3r0!n
Portugal Sexyclick
Portugal whizz

Possidere (2007)]
Netherlands abort
Netherlands duroh
Belgium Generalz
Netherlands h3r0!n
Netherlands joop
Netherlands Kitty
Netherlands ph4ge
Netherlands rENE
Netherlands Ronner
Canada Wesbo

bhStyle (2008)]
Bosnia Hercegovina Adi
Croatia Bizkid
Sweden crajsor
Croatia danL
Netherlands dray
Sweden gobar
Netherlands h3r0!n
United Kingdom Jizz
Bosnia Hercegovina lawei
Bosnia Hercegovina Lith
Slovenia m1ke
Sweden vktr

tpk (2008)]
Netherlands cazz
Italy DaNoNe
Netherlands h3r0!n
Finland kotz
Estonia kr1s
Slovenia m1ke
England Sheep
England XenoMorph

Personality Team (2008)]
England antalis
Croatia danL
Croatia drv4c
Netherlands h3r0!n
Portugal Sui-
Netherlands Testinator

aToOn (2008)]
Germany chosen
Germany draqii
Germany eiM
Germany FimS
Netherlands h3r0!n
Germany martini
Netherlands sulv

InfernaL (2008-2009)]
Germany chosen
Germany draqii
Germany eiM
Germany FimS
Netherlands h3r0!n
Germany zhul
Germany rise
England unblind

Druidz e-Sports (2009)]
Germany con
Estonia fabio
England h20xyg3n
Netherlands h3r0!n
Netherlands Juize
Denmark muffsor
Estonia subbi

SA-Gaming (2009)]
Netherlands banaan
Norway Domi
Netherlands h3r0!n
Netherlands Ipson
Netherlands Loekino
Netherlands Lun4t1C
Netherlands overschie
Netherlands Sa7z

reVeal.et (2009)]
Germany draqii
Germany eiM
Netherlands h3r0!n
Scotland scuba
Finland shitty
Germany zhul

Former players:
Denmark adi
Netherlands stib

reVeal.et CiC7]

Germany draqii
Germany eiM
Netherlands h3r0!n
Germany murDa
England smurftang

Austria joeyy
Finland shitty

Vital-Gaming (2011)]
Netherlands Artifexx
Netherlands dEzz
Netherlands Eddo
Netherlands hRn
Netherlands stib
Netherlands Trixor
Netherlands vApor

Nutsacks.et (2011)]
Netherlands CoCo
Netherlands Cupra
Belgium Flip
Netherlands fritsie
Netherlands hRn
United Kingdom Rolst

Germany Jey
France Pigeon
United Kingdom reAlize
Finland Wrath

"2 weeks teams"

Devils-tail (2007)]
Netherlands h3r0!n
France kaz
Italy mtvm
Poland naga
Lithuania totto
Finland vekku
Poland zmt

Club-VoX (2008)]
Netherlands Cazz
England Cupper
Germany GentL
Netherlands h3r0!n
Israel jESUS
Germany kuRAIGu
Finland Mind
Wales Panda
England Pansy
Iceland sAs
England Sheep

Increased (2008)]
Netherlands h3r0!n
United Kingdom hvk
United Kingdom Mayni
United Kingdom Meez
United Kingdom Noedel
United Kingdom XenoMorph

Bollox (2008)]
Estonia Draakon
Netherlands h3r0!n
Belgium Kevin
Sweden ratZillA
Finland Reikkeri
United Kingdom Sheep
Finland Tunesa

Team-Overijssel (2009)]
Only for BeNe-Cup and won it.
Overijssel Aphesia
Overijssel Ati_
Overijssel h3r0!n
Overijssel modus
Overijssel sHaky
Overijssel spho
Overijssel Xzz


Sheep slept in my sleeping bag
lasershooting @ tpk clanmeeting
CC5 with Germany aTo0n
CiC7 with Germany reVeal

Also visited CDC4, CC6 and SAGE
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz
MemoryKingston DDR2 4GB
StorageSeagate Barracuda 7200.10 320 GB
GraphicsSapphire Radeon HD5670,1GB
SoundSpeedlink Gravity Wave 2.1
Operating SystemWindows 7 Ultimate
MonitorSamsung 19" 931C TFT 2ms
KeyboardLogitech keyboard
MouseRazer Deathadder
MousepadRazer Mantis Speed
HeadsetSennheiser PC 150