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6th & 7th Placings - WCG Singapore COD4 Tournament
1st in COD4 Blitzone Tournament 2008
1st in ICCG APIIT 2008
4th in ACGC Call of Duty™ 4 : Modern Warfare FFA Event
1st in World GameMaster Tournament (WGT) Call of Duty™ 4 : Modern Warfare 2008

4th Placing in CyberFusion PAM4 COD4 Tournament 2009
1st in Tbun CoD4:MW Promod Tournament 2009
1st Runner up For Asian Call of Duty 4 Championship *South east Asia* 2009
5th Placing in MMU COD4 Promodlive Tournament 2009
4th Placing in ESPGL Revival COD4 Promodlive Tournament 2009
3rd in Solace CoD4 Tournament 2009


1st in Sharpe and Grr's FUNFUNFUN 1 Day CoD4 2010 Online Cup!
MouseMicrosoft IME 3.0
MousepadEverglide Monster Mat
HeadsetSteelSeries 5HV2